Some people equate them with the devil.

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8 Responses to Some people equate them with the devil.

  1. ali says:

    haha so true :)

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  3. Stripe says:

    Oh, I totally agree. Kids are the Devil.

    Nannies with Bucks are alright, though.

  4. Lazlo says:

    What’s the section between kids and bucks? Unloved?

  5. fireflight says:

    Okay, you just made my day.

  6. random says:

    kids are baby goats and bucks are male goats…i think nannies are the female goats(?)

  7. Ha! I just finished reading Brad Kissel’s _Goat Song_, an excellent book about two New Yorkers who moved to Vermont to raise goats and make cheese.
    PS usually it’s bucks and does; billys and nannies, but hey, poetic license.

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