Showing off assets, covering up flaws.

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20 Responses to Showing off assets, covering up flaws.

  1. ali says:

    hahaha no comments :)

  2. Alex says:

    Honestly, a bit confused. Shouldn’t stereotypically (and truthfully, for that matter) girls have more products in the bathroom than boys?

  3. Evan says:

    I think that “boys” data point should be in the northwest, not the southeast.

  4. Charles says:

    Alex — consider the case where you take only the subset of each group with a particularly high number of products, and consider what that says about them.

  5. Jacky Cheng says:

    i think it means that boys who use a lot of products in the bathroom are less conscious when they are out… mostly due to their personality. like those guys from jersey shore who use tons of gel, and also think they are on top of the world.

  6. Chaz says:

    Jacky Cheng nailed it. Guys with that many products use them because they’re pretentious arsebags who think they own the world, and believe that those products help display their awesomeness to the feeble humans around them.

    Girls with that many products, though, are generally using them to cover up their perceived shortcomings, cure acne, remove stretch marks, hide cellulite, reverse aging signs around the eyes, etc etc etc …

    Personally I don’t like either. Natural beauty is better than a faked-on plastic look on anyone. I’ll admit a bit of hypocrisy, though — I buy my wife some of these unnecessary things, but I limit her to things which have actually worked to make her more confident all the time, not just when applied.

  7. OtherBill says:

    To be more specific, the two highlighted points on this graph are just samples.

    The “Girls” line goes from southwest to northeast (y = x), while the “Boys” line goes from northwest to southeast (y = c-x).

  8. DB says:

    I think the boys line would be harder to determine. Guys who don’t use any products probably are not insecure either. The guy line might just be y=c. Or it could be a parabola opening downward I suppose.

  9. Lin says:

    One could argue, though, that those “on-top-of-the-world” douchebag guys are as such because of their insecurity (not lack thereof).

    I, too, would be more inclined to place point “Boys” in the north-west.

    Then again, this could also be saying that the boys with more products in their bathrooms are less insecure because they aren’t concerned with people judging them for having such products in the first place (as would be the case) …or something like that.

  10. AJ says:

    The key to understanding this one is knowing that her dependent variable is on the y-axis, so Insecurity is being predicted by the independent variable on the x-axis, Products. Products decrease insecurity in males, while increasing them in females.
    I like DB’s proposed parabola for the guys.

  11. Kate says:

    I think it’d be more accurate to put “self-confidence” rather than “insecurity” on the y-axis.
    Thanks, Jackie. This one went over my head. XD

  12. Gareth says:

    It might have been slightly better with boys as a line running from top-left to bottom right (boys get less insecure as they have more products in the bathroom),

    And girls as a line running from bottom-left to top-right, as they are more insecure if they have more products in the bathroom,

  13. Laura Carter says:

    This one is hits home as truest yet.

  14. witty jester says:

    the guys point must be at the origin coz they aren’t grooming in almost never a reason for their insecurity

  15. tahrey says:

    Without wanting to start a serious argument with the artist… shouldn’t it be a pair of lines?

    Girl: from current point, almost to origin then turning upwards like a tangent.
    Boy: ditto, but with a peak halfway in between

    (the insecurity close to 0-products being an effect, not a cause; the graph merely notes correlation)


    I don’t feel all that insecure either and my bathroom contains a sum total of:

    shower gel x1
    combi shampoo-conditioner x1
    antiperspirant deoderant x1
    liquid hand soap x1 (which doubles up as shaving cream – its essentially the same stuff just without the unneccessary foaming agent)
    triple blade razor x1
    spare blades x4
    toothpaste & brush x1
    mouthwash x1
    foot powder shaker x1
    nail scissors x1
    face flannel x2
    comb x1
    emergency gel (hanging around since about ’04) x1
    emergency cologne x1 (mainly to act as a stiptic if I get a cut)
    (plus the usual towels, q-tips, toilet paper, radio etc)

    … and that’s a about it

    which sounds like a lot but compared to the sheer shelf-filling variety of shampoos, soaps, colours, perfumes, hold sprays, mascara, foundation, eyeliner, brushes and god knows what else I don’t even have a name for I’ve seen in women’s bathrooms (and some men’s…) it’s pretty basic. Stuff to make sure I don’t smell or look like dirty greasy mess when in company that would be offended by it, and some other stuff to stave off painful infection. Don’t feel a need to get dolled up more than that. Maybe once time takes a bit more of a toll…

  16. qka says:

    Key to understanding: Boys and Girls!

    That is, not adults!

    The other day, I ran into the son of a friend in the store. The strength of his “body spray” forced me to keep my distance!

  17. Hilde says:

    Face flannel? One can only imagine….

  18. CAustin says:

    ‘The “Girls” line goes from southwest to northeast (y = x), while the “Boys” line goes from northwest to southeast (y = c-x).’

    I agree with this one.

    On a night out, the most confident girl in the room is typically the one who felt adequate to head out for a night on the town WITHOUT spending 3 hours nitpicking her face beforehand.

    On the flip side, confident guys can often be identified as the ones capable of putting gel on their head without being terrified that it might make them seem gay.

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