Like a virgin for the money.

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10 Responses to Like a virgin for the money.

  1. VA says:

    Superb. I guess the bottom of the curve would be “Normal people”?

  2. HowardBollixter says:

    Nadir = Nader

  3. David L. says:

    We need to show the inverse relationship between “purity of image” and “actual purity.”

    May have to call BS on the “high purity of image = high revenue” correlation. (Are we talking Disney auto-pop acts? Or…?) Pat Boone has a pretty high purity of image, but I don’t think his revenues are that high anymore. (Of course, when he was at the top of his game, his revenue was pretty high…maybe there is something to it.)

  4. This is so on point! Your creative ability to see and expose the less exposed truths. Love it Jessica!

  5. Fluidly Unsure says:

    If the curve dips below both axises (both revenue and purity) then you are probably a golfer from Florida.

  6. So Tiger Woods went from the right end to the bottom, and to get back on top he needs to climb up the left branch? Ditch the marriage counselor and get mo’ hookers and blow, Tiger!

  7. Red says:

    I’m with David L. on this one… I think the “pop stars” arrow needs to point at the other high end of the curve.

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  9. André says:

    red – The arrow points to the curve, not just a single point on it.

  10. David says:

    @ David L. I’d like to see the comparitive graphs on that for our president.