Let’s build a giant fort with them!

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20 Responses to Let’s build a giant fort with them!

  1. Bill Smith says:

    No lie. The phone book’s days are numbered. I wish my phone company would stop dumping them on my porch.

  2. I kind of hate seeing stacks of them mouldering on doorsteps for weeks on end. Is there a way to opt out of getting them? That would be lovely.

    All that wasted paper…

  3. AB says:

    Needs “Deli Tickets” at the top right and “Encyclopedias” at the top left.

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  5. And to think, I just threw away a solicitation to pay $394.00 to have my listing placed in the yellow pages of one of those rotting, molding, discarded phone books.

  6. em says:

    I realize I’m in the minority here, but I love the phone book and I use it all the time. For local listings, I find it much faster than the internet.

  7. I really like your blog. I am a mathematician and a web analyst and I love the creativity with Venn diagrams and graphs.

    Upper left could also be valuable/rare books.

  8. Tikabelle says:

    I use them for papier-mache! The different colored pages help me to see the layers, and I don’t have to keep stacks of newspaper around. So handy!

  9. You’d think we would have stopped printing yellow pages after the word “google” was put in the dictionary as a verb.


  10. Mike says:

    I’m with EM. Sometimes it’s a lot faster to look something up in the book rather than the “guess where to look’net.

  11. Gareth says:

    In the UK at least you can contact the phone book company and ask to be taken off their distribution list – and it works (at least it did for us),

    Of course you have to do the same for the phone book, yellow pages /and/ the thompson directory… So it can be a pain tracing all of the right numbers,

    It wouldn’t be so bad it you could at least recycle the damn things, but they’re explicitly on the councils “do not recycle” list,

  12. scott says:

    …thick paper coaster for coffee mug, wobbly table shim, companion desktop piece for the phone, weapon, recycle bin stuffer, gift for the person who doesn’t have everything…

  13. Bob says:

    Phonebooks are total relics. Funny to me: in Denver, Dex is advertising how great their yellow pages are. I couldn’t help to notice that the commercial was in standard definition on my high-def TV. Everything they do is behind the times.

  14. Jessica says:

    I get one every six months and immediately recycle it since I use yellowpages online.

  15. Alexxa says:

    Woohoo! Where are we building it?

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  17. Robert says:

    Gee…if they only used softer paper. I mean Charmin is getting altogether too expensive.

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  19. 2PID says:

    During like six month, my bed was made of phone books + mattress. Then I had a girlfriend for more than one day so she told me that it was fun but time to found some real stuff. It was such a pain in the ass to put them back in the cold streets, alone, again.


  20. How did you learn about this? I have been looking for it for several hours. Thanks.