Kill the ugly baby. Feed the beautiful one.

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14 Responses to Kill the ugly baby. Feed the beautiful one.

  1. Prabhdeep says:

    Hey Jessica..wouldn’t it be wonderful if A intersects with C, we create an idea, we believe in it to an extent that we pursue it and champion the cause and after its been done we just let it go…I’ve heard that Great people r d ones who alwaz create circles in life (an idea)and once that circle gets completed they let it go and they move on to another level of existence coz nw there aim is to create another circle, a bigger & better one…

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  3. Jacky Cheng says:

    haha my c’s tend to get mixed into the b part…

  4. fireflight says:

    You forgot a part of the title:
    Sell your own cute kid.

  5. frances says:

    The quote as I know it is:
    Do Good and Leave

  6. bryce says:


    that’s what science is. and that’s why scientists are poor.

  7. (x, why?) says:

    No one’s buying what I’m selling, unfortunately.
    Many of my student’s don’t even want what I’d give them for free!

  8. This i what I deal with every day. The advertising world is relentless in this kind of torment. Luckily, that’s what “portfolios” are for!

  9. Imran Anwar says:

    Great point but I am curious. The way the diagram is drawn, does the Best Ideas circle represent yours or all the best ideas in the world including other people’s ?

    For your own ideas, your “best ideas” set would be a subset of your ideas and so it would be a circle within the “your ideas” circle.

    Just trying to be technically/logically correct here because the Venn diagram is different… ummmm…. when that is the case. :-)


  10. Surge says:

    cute diagram. The real trick is knowing where the intersection of your ideas and the best ideas is. Too often, its only after the fact, if that.

  11. flacorps says:

    A mediocre idea well executed can beat a great idea botched.

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  13. henrykwdk says:

    @Imran: Yes, the Best ideas circle represents all the best ideas in the world. Your best ideas are represented by the intersection of the two circles: a subset of both. Some of the best ideas are most likely not yours, and some of your ideas may not be the best ones – that’s represented by those parts of the two circles that lie outside the intersection. So the Venn diagram doesn’t need to be that different after all :-).

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