Blood money.

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13 Responses to Blood money.

  1. Chris says:

    True, also lawyer who gets more money will help get lesser punishment.

  2. Tass-AJ says:

    I can see the relevance of “good lawyer”, but would a “bad lawyer” really have the potential to bring such a harsh punishment given such a small crime? Where would “self representation” fit into this?

  3. Ax says:

    “Self representation” would fluctuate with the individual in questions skill as a lawyer.

    I’d be interested to see how Jessica would plot a line labeled “Justice”.

  4. Alec says:

    Justice doesn’t fit on a graph like that.

  5. ogmb says:

    Low crime/big punishment = dumb culprit.

  6. NSK says:

    @Ax … there would need to be 2 lines representing “Justice”, one for the powerful and connected and one for the average Joe. The former would run horizontal, very close to the X axis (low to no punishment regardless of the crime); the latter would run from bottom left to top right!

  7. Gray Falcon says:

    Point near the origin: Perry Mason.

  8. Stripe says:

    The difference between a cheap lawyer and an expensive one:

    A cheap lawyer charges you a tremendous amount of money and wins your case.

    An expensive lawyer charges you half as much, and loses.

  9. Lihtox says:

    I originally read “bad lawyer” as “malicious prosecutor”, who tried to get massive punishments for trivial offenses. “Good lawyer” didn’t make sense to me in that case; maybe “bad” and “good” aren’t meant to be opposites here? (“Bad”=”malicious”, while “good”=”competent”)

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  11. pat says:

    As indicated from the title, it could be that good (i.e. skillful) lawyers get high (blood) money and are able to avoid punishment, while bad lawyers are not able to and get less money and more punihsment.

  12. TopHatFox says:

    X=Y -Only found in Titipu

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