Astronomical costs.

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8 Responses to Astronomical costs.

  1. Martok says:

    Or a Space Hospital.

  2. Norm says:

    “Or a Space Hospital.”

    For some reason I immediately thought of a new soap opera: “General Hospital: Space”

    How horribly awesome that would be.

  3. Mike says:

    ‘Trapped in a sterile space’ would make it an astronauts car on a trip to Florida.

  4. Cecilia says:

    The childbirth wing of the hospital *and* the geriatric wing of the hospital! :(

  5. Greg says:

    Not to mention gastronomical costs

  6. Dana says:

    And of course, what the NASA Doctors hated about the space program was that the Astronauts got to be the prima donnas, and the Doctors didn’t! Different stars in different galaxies.

  7. Susan says:

    I produce a sci-fi soap opera in space called, yes, “Space Hospital.” And it’s just about exactly what your venn diagram imagines.