Just say it out loud.

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12 Responses to Just say it out loud.

  1. Steve says:

    Aciphex – “Take ass-effects for your digestion problems!”

    I love it!

  2. Katie says:

    I heard this commercial a few months ago while I was in a different room from the television. My immediate response was “No one said this one aloud before committing themselves to it on paper? Really?!”

  3. Nate says:


    Seriously? This can’t be for real…I haven’t watched TV in ages….Seriously???

  4. GrumpyFrump says:

    I take this medicine and cringe every time I go to the pharmacy to pick it up. When my doctor first told me she was going to prescribe it for me, I’m sure I made a weird face after she said the name. She just laughed and said, “I know, I know!”

  5. Jameson42 says:

    I took this for a month, but my insurance wouldn’t cover it. Thank God!

    Haven’t seen the commercial yet, though.

  6. DigitalMonitor says:

    I just went to their web site. One of the symptoms it describes is “Bad Taste in your Throat”. Um…. yeah.

  7. Mike says:

    Just in case anybody wants to know what the aciphex are I’ll save you the time of looking them up.

    •Headaches — up to 9.9 percent of people
    •Diarrhea — up to 4.5 percent
    •Nausea — up to 4.5 percent
    •Vomiting — up to 3.6 percent
    •Abdominal pain (stomach pain) — up to 3.6 percent
    •Pain (the type of pain was not specified) — up to 3 percent
    •Sore throat — up to 3 percent
    •Flatulence — up to 3 percent
    •Infection — up to 2 percent
    •Constipation — up to 2 percent. •A coma
    •Yellow skin (jaundice)
    •Sudden death
    •Increased TSH (found using a blood test), indicating possible hypothyroidism
    •Low white blood cells
    •Low blood platelets
    •Serious skin rashes
    •Allergic reactions, including life-threatening reactions.

    I like the sudden death one best. It’s less embarrassing.

  8. Alex says:

    this joke really doesn’t work if you don’t have an american accent

  9. George W. Bush says:

    I’ll have you know that we Americans don’t have accents. Its everyone ELSE on the planet that has an accent.

    By the way, y’all keep pronouncing nucular wrong.

  10. probus says:

    It’s like a SNL sketch gone… I don’t know, would that be right or wrong?!?

  11. I think you should be on the UPS Whiteboard commercials. They would be much beter with these types of illustrations!

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