Survivor: Shady Pines.

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15 Responses to Survivor: Shady Pines.

  1. Taylor says:

    Heh. Death panels.

  2. ISammael says:

    Despite what others would have you believe, they do exist. The people in charge of them won’t call them that, obviously, but regardless, to quote Ives, “they are there.”

  3. Literate says:

    Yeah, they exist right now, Sammael. So does rationed care. That’s the system we have currently. It’s just controlled purely by a for-profit industry accountable to its share holders, with negligible governmental oversight.

  4. Steve says:

    Oh? What do they call the death panels then? Who are the members?

  5. kontributor says:

    Anyone considering life vs money MUST be a person who really cares for the individual(s) involved. What government or insurance company has EVER really cared?

    The difference between the government making the choice and an insurance company making that choice comes down to competition. If there is a more life giving choice, people will tend to migrate to it. Forcing the other to be more life giving. If there is only the government, and no choice, expect the government policies to eventually kill you. Budget cut time, say goodbye to gramma, she’s only a money pit anyway.

  6. Haah!
    yours one of its kind…

  7. Chanda says:

    I beg to differ. I love my husband more than I can bare to think about. But I couldn’t make the right decisions about his care. I would have spent EVERY FREAKING cent I had to save him. A DOCTOR needed to help me decide to give up when it was hopeless. Thank goodness that doctor had a spine. I didn’t spend ALL my kids education funds.

    Sometimes people who are NOT emotionally invested should make these decisions. I’d still be sitting there holding him if I could.

    No matter what, this is very stinking hard. Being hateful to one another is just a pathetic attempt at attention getting and
    shallowness. Work the problem people.

    If you want to voice your concern about end of life decisions, don’t lower yourself to death panel terminology, say “What mechanism can we construct to protect a loved ones right to contribute significantly to end of life decisions?” Show some tact people.

  8. acm says:

    um, not to break the rant chain, but does anybody even understand this card? “noted by death panels”???

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  10. tudza says:

    Understand it? This is one is fairly easy to understand compared to various other bits of graph humour featured.

    We put up with these traits in babies and children, but those hospital/nursing home patients who exhibit these traits are not long for this world if these mythic “death panels” really existed. I cry foul at the very mention of this term since it brings out the crazies and produces no benefits.

  11. c271x says:

    Sorry to break the chain of rants…but this one is absolutely hilarious! Really excellent graphs so far this week.

  12. Mike says:

    “Noted by the death panel”

    Thank God there’s only one. (But I wonder how big it is.)

  13. Bret says:

    Oooohhh,… “death” panel… I was wondering why there were panels out there to kill mutes.

  14. Olly says:

    I am from Britain myself and really don’t see the problem with socialised healthcare. The American system caters mainly for the rich and, to the rest of the world, makes the US seem ever the more greedy and uncaring

  15. fonis says:

    i appreciate the golden girls reference.