Staples of B-movies.

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14 Responses to Staples of B-movies.

  1. Perfect. I’m glad I’m not the only one creeped out by a thin moustache and a thin shower curtain!

    We once had a shower in a hotel that had a glass door and the door to the bathroom was glass, too…and we were staying with friends. Eek!

  2. bj says:

    thin moustaches…urrgghh
    they creep the life out of me.

  3. Makya says:

    Burt Reynolds=Extremely Uncreepy

  4. Mike says:

    Somebody did a study awhile back and came up with ‘the smaller the moustache, the creepier the guy’. They used Hitler as an example.

  5. RebJ says:

    Wait, why are thick shower curtains creepy?

  6. Pete says:

    Someone could be hiding in the shower waiting to kill you! How is that not creepy?
    I always check. Never found anyone… But you never know

  7. Will says:

    It’s a reverse Uncanny Valley!

    I prefer (clouded) glass door showers.

  8. PKM says:

    I once used a friend’s shower, which had a solid unfrosted glass “curtain” and a full-size mirror on the opposite wall. Seeing a naked person clearly standing there while you are in the shower is my new definition of creepy.

    He took his glasses off in the shower so had never noticed…

  9. Ember says:

    I parsed it as window curtains in the bathroom and was confused. Shower curtains at least makes sense, but I don’t find thin or transparent shower curtains creepy at all…


  10. Steve says:

    Imagine (or google for images if you haven’t had enough coffee yet for your imagination to work) a formal living room with heavy, red, velvet curtains.

    Now picture them in your bathroom.


  11. Mabande says:

    Every pair of heavy, red, velvet curtains comes complete with matching set of black shoes poking out from under them (flip-flops are optional).

  12. Gerry Masuda says:

    Hmmn. If this wasn’t created during your coffee-brewing time, I’d say you must have too much free time…… if that were possible. ;-)

  13. Peter says:

    At some point along the low creepiness range there is a dead caterpillar effect that puts a mustache into the sad yet funny zone.

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