In person, that is.

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15 Responses to In person, that is.

  1. Chaz says:

    Inversely, getting a phone number (or equivalent) *not* in person can cause the application of soap and water in cases where it has not been recently applied.

    Funny, that.

  2. Tuffy says:

    This one totally cracked me up (most do, really)… It sounds like a great story behind this one…

  3. Bret says:

    …not to be confused with finding numbers written in the men’s room.

  4. rozencrantz says:

    Most people know step 1 by now. It’s step 7 that nobody can quite fathom.

  5. sam says:

    Haven’t been this stumped by one of these in a while… help?

    Must be one of those generational things. I think I’ll blame that. My first instinct was ‘I could just go online’…

  6. Swimmer says:

    Would you give your phone number to someone who has not applied both water and soap recently? (I mean, other than at the gym) lol

  7. Sean says:

    @sam- as in getting a girl’s phone number (or guy’s), not looking one up online.

  8. Mike says:

    Equal amounts of soap and water would create a situation that’s way past getting a phone number.

  9. Rafi says:

    I…don’t get it?

  10. scott says:

    yes showering, youre not getting any action or a date if your dirty and greasy…

  11. schism says:

    I’d think that step one would be being born attractive, since, without that, you’re not getting a number no matter how nice you smell. Or would that be step prime?

  12. JoBlo says:

    this is bullshit, if you can make a graph that explains how the fuck this is funny that would be one I would be interested in.

  13. pubhealth says:

    This is especially timely with the flu season in full swing. You people who don’t wash your hands after using the restroom (or pretend to by turning on the water and maybe quickly passing a hand through), this one is for YOU! We know who you are sickos!

  14. llama says:

    @JoBlo: 10/10, would raeg again.

    @Mike: Do I want to ask?

  15. fireflight1 says:

    I’ll bet you find yourself at the bottom left corner of this graph.