It’s a party.

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8 Responses to It’s a party.

  1. Anala says:

    Change “big shoes” to sequins and it becomes “belly dancers” or drag queens!

  2. Steve Nelson says:

    You forgot porn stars and strippers. Though I suppose those are technically tall shoes…

  3. Chanda says:

    Hmmm. I think all of Hollywood fits in there . . .

  4. Bret says:

    Hehe,… yes I remember now that my family reunion is just around the corner.

  5. Now I’m no chemist but I’m pretty sure you talkin about how Rondell like to kick it, LOL!

  6. Jae says:

    Or a Facebook meet n’ greet

  7. nobody says:

    looks more like Kiss for me.

  8. Trooper says:

    How about Glam Rock band member ?