His vet is Dr. Moreau.

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15 Responses to His vet is Dr. Moreau.

  1. Jen says:

    -or- the southern states

  2. n0mia says:

    -or- old monarchy/aristocracy.

  3. ISammael says:

    Jen: glad you’re continuing stereotypes.

  4. dr.hypercube says:

    HEY! n0mia – I resemble that remark! Nyuk, nyuk.
    Tsarevich Al

  5. Mike says:

    What’s even worse is to keep the breed ‘pure’ a lot of puppies that don’t measure up are put down. (known fact)

  6. Stripe says:

    Get a Mutt! (Purebreds don’t love you more.)

  7. pi3832 says:

    Compared to Canada, they are nearly *all* “southern states”.

    Enjoy your rust belt.

  8. Derek says:

    I would just like to say I am a southerner Jen. I could ask where you are from and what your ethnicity is, so I could belittle your people. But, I happen to be better than that.

  9. FTBC says:

    @Jen The Troll: Greetings from an Anglo/Franco/Irish/German/Creole from Texas!

    Southerners are probably more genetically diverse than the rest of the country. We were a melting pot of poor farmers while the urban north was dividing itself into neighborhoods according to European nationality. Down here, you never hear of a mother wanting her son to marry “a good Irish/Jewish/Italian/whatever girl”.

    And people like you say *we’re* the inbred racists.

    On the subject of dogs: I can’t stand designer breeds. I also dislike small dogs, but that’s a personal preference (that and I really can’t stand their yipping) In my adult life, I’ve owned four dogs: A staffordshire terrier (pit bull) that I rescued from the pound, an ex-racing greyhound, and the two border collie/yellow lab mutts we have right now.

  10. Henryk Wistreich says:

    Shoudn’t we just start inbreeding geniuses? Just asking…

  11. bj says:

    @ FTBC

    I completely agree with your “Jen the troll” comment…and I am not a southerner. Strange how in this time and age people like Jen, still harbor such embarrassingly stupid stereotypical thoughts.
    Just writing the word “stereotype” in context to the southerners comment doesn’t feel right to me.

  12. Nony says:

    Ooo! Ooo!! I got one, and it doesn’t insult any ethinicity or even political group:

    A: how Jen was made…

    A+: If Jen has kids…

    A++: If Jen is a Grandparent…

    A+++: Aw shucks, you get the idea.

    Happy breeding, Jen!

  13. Funny!
    I like this one!

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