Barefoot dancing at the end of the wedding.

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17 Responses to Barefoot dancing at the end of the wedding.

  1. FTBC says:

    My wife can attest to this. I absolutely hate being in a store with her that sells shoes because EVERY pair she tries on, she asks what I think of them. My first question is “will they hurt your feet?”

    A man can only give so many footrubs after his wife spends all day on her feet in expensive shoes that can’t possibly be made with human beings in mind before he decides that women should not be allowed to wear heels at work.

  2. I am glad I wear man shoes.

  3. Bret says:

    I’m curious as to how you collected this data.

  4. Beth says:

    That’s why bridesmaids wear crocs at the reception…

  5. DomPrez says:

    the oposite of this would be the bridesmaid’s face….

    …..just sayin’

  6. Eric says:

    Not quite accurate… Some of the most hideous shoes give you blisters.

  7. Dan Kyles says:

    Shoes? More like Foot Accessories… Shoes are things that do not destroy your ability to walk. ;P

  8. techno junkie says:

    like i tell everyone skate shoes are THE BEST shoes ever, you can do anything in them

  9. sialia says:

    Uggghh, so true. I hate shoe shopping.

  10. surf says:

    But those heels look so HOT.

  11. Mike says:

    What Surf said.

  12. NomadUk says:

    Actually, there is no limit to the number of footrubs I’m willing to give.

  13. PKM says:

    @techno junkie: tap dance? climb boulders? have a bath?

    I dispute your statement.

    That said, I am wearing skate shoes at work because they are still the best kind of shoes.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You should check out vibram fivefingers if you want cool shoes with no blisters, they have done me right for a long, long time.

  15. Uncle Buck says:

    Shwew, when I saw the subject/title, I thought we may see some reference to some of our West Virginie friends (kissin’ cousin’s) as they were.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to leave you a note that your comic was used on the (pretty popular) Gizmodo blog. I dropped them a comment to make sure you got a link back, but I still thought you’d like to know:

    Keep up the great work!

  17. Teeto says:

    Dr. Scholl’s insoles and heelies and even the most torturous looking stiletto’s become manageable. Wore 4 1/2 inch ones to a wedding last weekend, danced all night and walked away fine the next day.

    Just sayin’ :D