Can we outrun him?

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12 Responses to Can we outrun him?

  1. generatorBryce says:

    ya….im lost

  2. Duane Dier says:

    I might argue the “B” line might tip up toward the lower sizes… scrawny security guards aren’t that intimidating, even to fat kids.

  3. Ryan says:

    Personally I have been intimidated by a scrawny guard before. He looked like he might have bitten me.

  4. Aaron says:

    I am wondering about causation here. Do short security guards get filtered out to work at malls rather than say, chemical laboratories? Or do a short security guards leverage so little respect that they foster larger packs of punk kids?

  5. Mike says:

    So did you out run him?

  6. (x, why?) says:

    Remember, I don’t have to outrun him.
    I just have to outrun you.

  7. ISammael says:

    Punk kids are just misunderstood. They’re really not that bad, they just aren’t used to be treated with respect.

    Those students who gravitate to me the most are those that other teachers write off and refuse to help.

  8. Robert K says:

    Are there any kids at malls these days? And haven’t all the punk kids from the 80’s grown up to be mall security guards anyways?

    .. that or CEOs of web startups.

  9. generatorBryce says:

    no, we became city planners…so we could annoy our old tormentors with poorly laid out streets and badly timed traffic lights….

  10. Phil says:

    Does this mean a short, skinny security guard deters more punk kids at the mall than a tall, skinny security guard?

  11. lost says:

    this one’s a mess…

  12. SQB says:

    This calls for a 3D plot:
    – x-axis: height of guard
    – y-axis: thickness of guard
    – z-axis: number of punk kids