Who knows what he’s talking about?

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15 Responses to Who knows what he’s talking about?

  1. Not again... says:

    Slight modification: dangerous and/or coworkers.

  2. JeffP says:

    Actually, remove the dot for sales, draw a line between “wise” and “dangerous”, and label the line “sales” :D

  3. Alex says:

    Shouldn’t dangerous = sales?

  4. mike says:

    x2 w/Alex. Sales *definitely* needs to be lower-right quadrant. Superimposed by Marketing, of course.

  5. Laminar says:



  6. nat says:

    after a lot of years supporting tech sales people, I learned the difference between a car salesperson and a computer/network salesperson: a car salesperson knows when they are telling a lie!

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  8. LukeShu says:

    Along what nat said, computer salesmen usually have almost no expertise, if any.

    Trying to name daemons on the spot…

  9. Bret says:

    Gonna be a lot of sales people struttin’ around like roosters today.

  10. Christian H says:

    Yeah, I gotta say that wisdom requires condifence. A quiet confidence; the right kind of confidence.

  11. RobW says:

    Expertise = true communication, confidence = action, a balance of true communication and action = sales. Conversely, confidence with out knowledge, wisdom for honesty = dangerous or short term gain with long term failure.

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  13. Rimaye says:

    RobW, in what world does one not differentiate between expertise and communication, but rather say that “expertise = true communication”? Ah yes, that’s right, sales.

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