Why some actors do indie films for cheap.

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9 Responses to Why some actors do indie films for cheap.

  1. Laminar says:




  2. Fronk says:

    Twitter would be a lot more painful, as the soliloquy would be split to hundreds of 140-character lines.

    @Horatio: alas, poor yorick, I knew him. (insert tinyurl link to Wikipedia article on Denmark)

  3. Sanjay says:

    Alternatively, you could have replaced trauma, soliloquy and disability with trash, trash and more trash.

  4. Janek says:

    You could also add “Homosexual”, “Female-identifying”, “Ethnic Minority”….

  5. Anthony says:

    Disability is a definite Oscar-caliber performance regardless. It worked for Dustin Hoffman and Sean Penn.

    If only soliloquy worked, Pacino would have ten Oscars.

  6. JH says:

    This could also be titled “Why some actors do reality TV”. Celeb rehab with Dr. Drew comes to mind…

  7. Phreesh says:

    Trauma/Disability should be lawsuit

    Trauma/Soliloquy should be dying wishes

    Soliloquy/Disability should be angry veteran

    Otherwise, dynomite

  8. Tim Clague says:

    I’d replace the 3 circles for writers looking to win an Oscar with…
    Underdog wins
    Hero doesn’t die, but others do
    Makes audience feel okay to duck real issues at hand

  9. What is the relation between the title and the diagram? I really don’t get it. Am I that stupid, not understand about it.