Some things you can’t undo.

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17 Responses to Some things you can’t undo.

  1. Kurt McKee says:

    A friend of mine was visiting his grandparents’ house, and his grandfather (whose mental capacity had diminished somewhat) felt it necessary to provide some insight into the origin of his father.

    “Your grandmother and I made your father on that couch you’re sitting on!”

  2. Eww. And…eww-er.

  3. the norwegian kid says:

    A friend of mine was unfortunate enough to walk in on her grandparents while they were getting it on.. she’s still recovering..

  4. Fuiru says:

    How did you know that my parents feel a burning sensation when they have sex? I mean, they do tell me about it all the time, but I’ve kept it a secret.

  5. KaGe says:

    does it burn because it’s soooo hot? i mean come on…i hope my parents are still having sex…it’s an indicator of the longevity of my abilities. ;)

  6. ladymercury says:

    Aaaagh my eyes!! The HORROR!!!

  7. Chaz says:

    I will stick to the orange juice and toothpaste, please.

    Never thought I’d see the day where that was the better option.

  8. Oddtwang says:

    Clearly the intersections of sex with both toothpaste and orange juice should be non-empty.


  9. spaniard says:

    Fuiru: maybe they’re not using the front door, that’s why it burns

    Or maybe its your brain which feels it, not their parts

  10. Eric says:

    OH, so true

    @Fuiru: Why couldn’t you continue to keep it a secret???

    @KaGe: Eeeeeewwww…please keep thoughts of that sort to yourself from now on?

    @Oddtwang: What???

    @spaniard: Unnecessary insight, eww…

  11. Ross says:

    Since the beginning of time, humans have lived, as a family unit, in a single room. The exceptions to this RULE have all been recent and among the wealthier countries (and wealthier portions of even those countries). Get over it! You are living in a fantasy world of RECENT privilege. But perhaps none of you realize that there was a time before now and a place other than here.

  12. Clay says:

    Ross, what you may not realize is that we all have that luxury. And not having that luxury is disgusting.

  13. katie says:

    My grandmother told me all about her sex life with her grandfather AND about her gynecological exams. Problem…with short term memory problems, she told me 3-4 times a year for MANY years. She told my husband, too–he always tried to leave the room, but she’d grab his hand and tell him all about it.

  14. Isherwood says:

    Ross, we used to poop in the corner of our caves, too, but that doesn’t mean it was pleasant for bystanders. Fantasy world? What’s yer point?

  15. Cas says:

    i read that as sex WITH parents, and i suppose “it burns” could accurately describe a potential outcome of that event

  16. Mabande says:

    Katie – pleaseohpleaseohplease say it was your grandfather and not hers : /

    Ross – Might be a fantasy world for you, but I’m living the Dream! ;)
    The bonus, of course, with your “real” world is that toothpaste and orange juice doesn’t exist either…

  17. katie says:

    oops. my grandfather.