We’ve heard it all before.

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8 Responses to We’ve heard it all before.

  1. Dave K says:

    Bffttt. People should suck it up and realize that 2/3 of people got the employment they have now through some form of networking, rather than blind application. Talking to other people, shmoozing and playing a crowd are the best ways to end the looking for work phase of your life.

  2. Drugserbad says:

    I think the point is when you get together with groups of people these days it’s going to wind up being a session of consoling each other or complaining about unfairness of life. Human Nature.

  3. When the economy is good, networking events are all about pitching how good your product/service is, hence the bragging. Think trade shows and conventions.

    When the economy is bad, networking events are all about looking for a job, hence the weeping.

  4. Gabrielmy says:

    So true. In my line of work, I think everyone is keeping an eye out for new work, even if they are employed because jobs don’t last very long.

    The weeping, however, that’s universal.

  5. Mike says:

    The ‘people looking for work’ line should be a lot longer.

  6. James says:

    It’s too easy to weep when you realize you’re at an event and there are no jobs available.

  7. David says:

    Miz J–
    It’s about time for you to add 3-dimensional graphs. X=Time,Y=Love, Z=Money. X=Age, Y=Power, Z=Happiness. You have such a mind, and the complex curves will be beautiful in their own right.

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