I suspect that old woman.

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16 Responses to I suspect that old woman.

  1. Donald Simmons says:

    I subscribe to the theory that Jessica Fletcher is a serial killer who always frames others for her crimes.

  2. Marcus R says:

    This reminds me, Castle starts tonight. Pretty much the same premise with Nathan Fillion doing the Lansbury role (just add a cop).

    And for the record: Ms Fletcher is the best serial killer hands down.

  3. ~Heather W~ says:

    OMG, I *always* said that back in the day, but people dismissed me as a jaded 13 year old. But, seriously, who would ever invite Jessica Fletcher to a dinner party??

  4. Chris G says:

    And she would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling bloggers!

  5. BingoMath says:

    is a very true story.

  6. Cookieput says:

    According to the NYT, 2% of the town’s population died in murder since the show started. I think even Detroit pales in comparision.


  7. Preston says:

    I always told my wife that I was suspicious and she always defended Jessica….maybe she is in on it too. :-)

  8. Diane says:

    I love Murder she wrote! Even after seeing them several times I adore watching them! They’re as good as Columbo in his scruffy mac!

    She’s the sort of old lady you’d like for a nan!

  9. REL says:

    The irony is that in the last 20 years the population of Detroit has declined 50% and it continues to plunge. Soon you will need only one point on your graph.

  10. psi-fer says:

    Very nearly made me snort my tea out of my nose. I always joked with my sister she framed people so convincingly they believed it too!

  11. Thg says:

    serial-murderer / hypnotist