Ewww. Awesome.

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10 Responses to Ewww. Awesome.

  1. Mike says:

    The devil is in the details.

  2. Nothing like an exploded whitehead magnified 7x to scare you into washing your face.

  3. doublebanker says:

    Reminds me that there are some people that should just not be in HD on television…need to maintain a list to zoom out 7x!

    My Daily Gif Blog


  4. f.B says:

    “Unauthorized biographies.” Read: tabloid mags.

  5. Maid'n says:

    2 girs 1 cup

  6. Dharmamama says:

    Hey! I get to use a new word I heard yesterday: awfulsome. Kinda awful, sorta awesome…

    (There was *nothing* illuminating about 2 girls, 1 cup)

  7. Unauthorized biographies made me laugh =) I just showed this to my niece. I had to explain it, but she said the middle should be boys. Because boys have cooties.

    Lol. This is great!

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  9. tahrey says:

    dharmamama: I dunno … not having seen it, this is a bit of a third-hand comment, but I think it may shed some light on the true depths of depravity open to the human soul

    some things are better left in shadow however

  10. Jessidork says:

    I do not find the Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner disgusting.