There’s another one! Smash it!

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12 Responses to There’s another one! Smash it!

  1. Kieran says:

    Ha ha ha, it took me a second to gather what you meant by “pop-unders.” Brilliant!

  2. John Hop says:

    I was not aware that netflix awarded prizes, nor that they had anything to do with either the drink or action of pop…. or whac-a-mole.

    I don’t get it.

  3. Alafolie says:

    Yeah, this one’s pretty crap alright. Bit of a stretch

  4. poorsod says:

    i got this one straight away, i think it’s pretty smart.
    but maybe it’s me who operates on a lower intellectual level to everyone else?

  5. mbs says:

    My only complaint is that whack-a-mole should be an absolute subset of “no prize awarded”

  6. Stephen Maxwell says:

    To those who don’t get it:

    A “pop-under” is an ad, on your computer, like a pop-up ad except that it opens up _underneath_ your existing browser window. This is a joke about online ads, Netflix being an example of a company that uses plenty of online ads. You’re playing “whac-a-mole” because you have to keep hitting the x’s as the ads appear.

  7. hartofak says:

    Since I already have Netflix, and a Roku, I find the incessant popunders particularly annoying. They had me at “No late fees.”

  8. Amy says:

    As someone who has both won a prize at whack-a-mole and been ripped off by it, I find this hysterically accurate. When I find that Netflix pop-under, it’s as if I can’t “whack” it fast enough.

  9. MarkH says:

    I didn’t get this because, apparently, my pop-up-blocker works.

  10. Bret says:

    Look! It says Whack-a-mole! Let’s go animal rights folks!

  11. Ernie says:

    Right, so I understand whack-a-mole and no-prize, but what does Netflix have to do with old machines?

  12. Jess says:

    Old machines because old computers have more trouble with blocking ads.