Really, it’s okay.

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46 Responses to Really, it’s okay.

  1. When I was in the market for a new computer, I had to decide between a smartphone (small enough to fit in my pocket) and the biggest laptop that would fit in my backpack.

    I just don’t understand the point of those tiny laptops (e.g. eee-pc) that won’t fit in your pocket. They *would* be great for purses, though.

  2. scooter mcgee says:

    hi, I’m Scott and I carry a Murse.

  3. Fuiru says:

    Actually, it’s called a man bag, I’ll have you know. *Sniff*

  4. Crow says:

    Men should only ever carry backpacks, messenger bags or breifcases. That should be enough for any man in any situation. A man should also be comfortable leaving the house with just the contents of his pockets.

  5. Mog says:

    Real men don’t carry bags. Real men carry everything they need crammed up their rectums. If it can’t fit in your ass, you don’t need it.

  6. Mike says:

    The hazards of reading sideways. I won’t say what I thought the ‘men with’ said when I first glanced at it.

  7. Drugserbad says:

    I don’t even carry a cell phone.

  8. Darklamp says:

    A small man bag is essential to keep your pockets clear of change and crap. When your pockets are empty, you can show off your sculpted thigh muscles better. Women also dig touching a man through his pants while not having to push cell phones and quarters out of the way.

  9. tudza says:

    I used to carry what anyone would call a man purse. Nice, leather, made in Turkey and carried by stylish young Turkish men.

    What I carry now is a messenger bag, not a man purse thank you. Difference, I had criteria the bag needed to meet, one of which was “must hold file folder for 8.5″ x 11″ documents”

    I think we should turn this language on its head really and say “woman purse” to imply a huge bag carried by women for no other purpose than to house useless junk.

  10. @Mike: Oh c’mon, now I just have to know what you mis-read…

  11. Barry says:

    Does it make it more manly if there’s an REI logo on it?

    Mine has got a cell phone, iPod Touch, and digital camera so I’m definitely at the higher end of the curve.

  12. Bret says:

    Are we saying that being on the top of that curve is a… bad thing?

  13. Mike says:

    It occurs to me that young people define fashion because only young people are foolish enough to give a fuck what other people think.

    In other words, “Pull up ya damn pants and get offa my lawn!”

  14. Alex says:

    @Mike: I hope you’re not trying to say that we “young people” are all just working to sabotage your lawn. Or that we all love to wear our boxers practically over our pants. I tend to avoid those types.

    As for the actual post…the comments have entertained me more than the graph itself.

  15. charlie says:

    i jokingly call my messenger bag a purse, there really isn’t much of a difference. man up guys, we carry purses.

  16. Jared says:

    I like to think carrying everything around in a canvas grocery bag from the local food coöp has cachet.

  17. Jamie says:

    Real men carry purses. Imaginary men carry imaginary purses.

  18. trevor says:

    thank you.
    this is so true.
    i carry a backpack because of societies judgmentalism.

  19. Mick says:

    I still wear a backpack, a really cool one, and it makes me feel cooler wearing it than not wearing it – plus, it doesn’t flop around like a messenger bag.

  20. Laura says:

    Women have fought for and earned the right to vote, keep their jobs after getting married, and wear pants. I’m all for men’s liberation next. Go on, guys! Carry your purses with pride! It’d be a waste to leave all those big, lumpy gadgets at home.

    Plus, when you’ve got lots of things shoved in your pockets it’s harder to ogle at . . . . never mind.

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  22. Mike says:

    A few years back I was crossing the street in a downtown area. I was carrying a piece of electronic test gear. It was in a case and had a shoulder strap. Suddenly a car is blowing it’s horn a swerving at me. The guy driving is giving me a dirty look.

    I jumped out of the way thinking what did I do? But it wasn’t anything I did. It was how looked. It looked like I was carrying a purse. Now I’m pissed. Unfortunately he was already through the next traffic light and gone.

    Had I been quicker to assess the situation I might have caught up with him at the light and kicked the side of his car in to show him how manly I was.

  23. Steve says:

    I carry a laptop bag that looks like a messenger bag, and rarely carry my laptop in it. What I do carry in it is: my lunch/snack (utensils), a book, cell phone, wallet (with safety pin & band-aid), pen, paper, flash drive, screw driver, pocket knife, travel tooth brush & paste, saline, condoms, ibuprofen, lighter, tire gauge (I bike frequently), flashlight, electrical tape, mp3 player, eye patch (For a quick disguise! actually just part of an inside joke) handkerchief, seasonal items like gloves, chocolate, and whatever seems useful at the time.

    Do I occasionally get a funny look for carrying a laptop bag? Only rarely. Do I benefit in other ways? Daily!

    I save money by carrying my lunch to work, don’t take disposable bags from stores, always accept invitations to head out of town on a road-trip or crash overnight, never mind waiting (book!) . . .

    In closing, let me say, screw fashion! Any item that regularly: saves me money, makes my life more exciting, and gets me laid, it wins!

  24. everybody counts says:

    Nice graph, and accurate! As for names of things, be brave. Quite secure in my masculinity, I’ve been carrying a _purse_ since around 1980, a couple of years before my son (who introduced me to this site) was born. I’ve worn out 6 or 7 purses so far.

  25. Marie says:

    And as a woman, I demand cheaper laptop bags that I feel okay using when I’m wearing “girly” clothes. The ones that look good are prohibitively expensive and the cheap ones are clearly made by and for men.

  26. Travis says:

    Mike is exactly right! haha! i thought the same thing. but at least men really do have penises…

  27. Amanda says:

    I don’t think Mike (the first one) was talking about penises.

  28. Everyone knows real men carry diaper bags. Now THAT is some sexy. (Too bad all those dudes are already off the market!)

  29. Eatonomy says:

    Portland, OR = land of murses

  30. cmrtroi says:

    I say carry it loud and proud guys. Real men’ll carry both purses – man and wife’s.
    My husband is a ‘briefcase’ no straps guy, with wallet but happily takes my purse (cleverly disguised as a small backpack) or “cash case” as he calls it. I’m always broke when I get it back, though.

    Funny how he’ll never wear my actual navy backpack I take on outings. Too much work. I sometimes use one for a laptop just to give my back that extra padding.

    As long as guys manage to forgo the highschool-loser perm pocket condom-ring look by whatever means necessary the world’s a better place for it.

  31. Megan says:

    Am I the only girl here that thinks men with purses look silly?

    I mean, come on.. I see these guys walking all over the place with a friggin’ purse, and I can’t help it, but I think they all look gay.
    It’s cool for a gay guy to use a purse.. But a real man should just.. not.

    Steve’s idea of stuffing everything in a laptop bag is just wonderful. It looks manly, and I think it’s just brilliant! People think you’re like, a nerd that works all the time. When in fact you’re on your way to a sleepover of something.

  32. Nicole says:

    Yeah? Well I carry everything I need in my detachable motorcycle side cases! And I’m a *girl*

  33. Pam says:

    “they all look gay” and “But a real man should just…not”
    hmmm, apparently you don’t consider gay men to be real men. I think I see from where your issues stem….

  34. Drugserbad says:

    I know a gay guy and doesn’t seem mind when someone uses that vernacular… in fact, he thinks it is funny. Mind you, he doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder about being gay…

    I say we burn all the man purses… cargo pants for the win.

  35. Nicole says:

    Drugserbad, your friend does not speak for all of us.

  36. Drugserbad says:

    I didn’t say he did… but who says you speak for everyone?

  37. Everyone says:

    I do.

  38. Steve says:

    User “Everyone” has won the thread.

  39. Pam says:

    Everyone – funny!

    Drugserbad – I don’t have a chip on my shoulder about being gay either. What I do have a chip on my shoulder about is being denied basic civil rights that straight people get, a refusal by the federal govt to recognize hate crimes against gays and homosexuality being treated as a political football … and I believe the aforementioned comments perpetuate stereotypes and attitudes about gay people that help to open the door to these things even if just a teeny, tiny crack – homophobes don’t need much of an excuse to validate their ugly behavior. Drugserbad- I’m not in anyway calling you a homophobe, by the way. just ranting a bit.

  40. Jamie says:

    Drugserbad, I know a straight guy and he doesn’t tell stories about his gay friend to justify his stupidity. Imagine that!

    So do you have a black friend in the ranks too, for those special occasions? Golly gee, I should collect a few minority friends too! Then I can say anything I want!

  41. Jack says:

    I carry an REI Travel Day Bag (Item # 747931), a $30 bag for my cell, wallet, sunglasses and keys. Is it a murse or purse? Honestly I don’t care! It lets me empty my pockets but keep everything handy. Isn’t this why women carry purses? They got it right! Now if I can only find something that doesn’t make me look like I’m going camping when I’m just taking my four-year old to the park.

  42. Jonel B. says:

    Anything’s better than a fanny pack…

  43. Lynn says:

    A solution is at hand (pun intended, most definitely). Go to L.L. Bean, buy a “boat and tote bag” with a zipper, get the name of your boat (even if it’s only the one your 4-year-old putt-putts around the bathtub) – not your initials – embroidered on it. Take it to your drycleaner or seamstress; have a removable shoulder strap added, to free up your hands. You can even have some fake leather added to the base to slow down wear and tear. It’s light, inexpensive, machine washable, comes in many fashionable colors (you can have any color, as long as it’s white)(!) and sizes, and will last for years, and years, and years . . . and comes with LLBean’s famous guaranty. And doesn’t give away the fact that you have valuable electronics inside. What more can you ask? Except for wearing it with a dress, but since we wear Bean boots to court appearances with our skirted suits here in Maine, it’s not a big deal for us – can’t help you there.

  44. tahrey says:

    Being a non-american, i was well confused by this thread til I figured out that “Purse” = “Handbag”.

    Round here, purses go inside handbags and carry ought but credit cards and cash (ie a LadyWallet :p but distinct enough to have its own name, and gender connotations). So no-one would ever know if you had one on you.

    Unless you were carrying a handbag/manbag of course. That might clue them in. And you would be in for some ridicule as the lady-bag has exactly the same purpose as here; for containing a small number of things that would be better off kept securely in pockets (rather than in an easily-swiped, same-shoulder strapped, palmable container), and a vast array of useless crap, that all gets jumbled together such that you can never find that one lipstick you want RIGHT NOW without emptying the whole thing out on the table/seat/floor. But it does allow the good lady (or fabulous gentleman) carrying it to best show off their figure without any rogue bumps obstructing it.

    Guy Solution: A JACKET. Nothing except small essentials need to go in the trouser pockets (they can get annoying if you’re sat in cramped quarters or having to walk a long way anyhow), as a decent jacket will have two hip pockets (keys) and at least one of each of a buttonable breast pocket (cellphone, sunglasses) and an inside/”holster” pocket (wallet). Plus it can be both stylish and masculine. And there’s nothing else to carry, and a light one doesn’t even need to be necessarily taken off in the bar.

    Problem. Solved.

    That said I do carry all my work gear in a couple of cheap canvas-&-hemp shopping bags from the local supermarket. And do have a webbing-fabric “record bag” type manbag for certain occasions (it’s bright red and white stripes, and I don’t care, as it cost me precisely £1.00 … same as the supermarket ones…). For one thing, turns out a shoulder-strap messenger bag of that type, that’s just the right size for 12″ LPs, is also just the right size for a 12″ tablet PC. Excellent. And it is at least designed for opposite-shoulder use, meaning you can carry heavier stuff, it’s far harder to steal, and the man points go up by at least 50% (50% of very little isn’t much, but its still an improvement).

    It probably helps that I’m just-about in the last generation to have – briefly – experienced side-carried school satchels (aka postman bags) before backpacks became all the rage. Had one when I was 5-6. No-one laughed.

    First Mike: I think I know what you read. And somehow I can’t help thinking that your alternative graph is just as true.

  45. Trying2Bnormal says:

    I’ll just stick with a breifcase. It’s more professional and less homosexual

  46. Brad Luft says:

    I’m 55 and have 4 kids and share two more.
    We took them all to Greece for three weeks two summers ago, and before we left I bought what I thought was a very cool “FAG -BAG” as was the name given to it to tease me by my kids. But who do you think hauled everything from all the sunblock to the girls tons of lib gloss, my camera to my girlfriends blackberry,wallets and hair brushes, and everything that was purcahsed on any given day trip. By the end of the trip we never left homebase without it. Go with what you need, not what people might think.