Another reason the internet has saved many a butt.

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21 Responses to Another reason the internet has saved many a butt.

  1. Fuiru says:

    Speaking of which, I’d like a book deal. Jessica, could you talk to somebody for me? (tee hee)

  2. Drugserbad says:

    I don’t know… I think I’m no more connected now than I was in the 80s. Maybe I just don’t exploit my acquaintances as readily as some people do.

  3. Mike says:

    Just the facts.

  4. Skye says:

    Haha… there needs to be a “C” labeled “college degree.” It would be smaller than both A and B. (Just my personal experience.)

  5. Ed says:

    A) (short) What you know.
    B) (medium) Who you know.
    C) (tall) Who knows you.

    I first heard this many years ago as “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” “No, it’s not who you know; it’s who knows *you*”.

  6. Gia says:

    My favourite quote is always:

    It’s not who you know that counts.
    It’s WHOM you know that counts.

  7. Alex says:

    @Gia: What’s funny is that “whom” isn’t grammatically correct in that position.

    @Ed/Skye: Thanks for the encouragement, I’m visiting my first-choice college this weekend. >.>

  8. Cornelius says:

    People with talent aren’t distracted and obsessed with making connections and tend to have bigger and better things happen to them without wasting time on politics and nepotism.Alex needs to start stop breaking the Prozacs in half I think.

  9. Kloche says:

    My graph is definitely inverse

  10. Alex says:

    @Cornelius: Did you mean to say “start” or “stop” halving Prozacs? Because you used both words. Can’t quite tell what you’re getting at either way, since I don’t think I showed signs of either excessive depression or giddiness.

  11. Simone says:

    Who you know might get your foot in the door. But its WHAT you know that will determine whether you stay or not.

  12. Jamie says:

    So true, it hurts. Right here in the pit of my lonely, talented heart.

  13. Stephen Maxwell says:

    @Gia and especially Alex:
    Actually, whom is correct, there, I think.

    “who/whom you know” = “you know ___” = “you know him, them, her” not “you know he, they, she”

  14. Robert says:

    I would suggest a third bar: A+B, which, I believe, would reach the maximum of the Usefulness axis.

  15. Crimson says:

    Do you know people who have both?
    If you do, ask them to know me, please… I really need some damn-good connections…

  16. Alex says:

    @Stephen: Not to try and just prove myself right (on the internet, god forbid), but I had to check for myself out of curiosity. says that “whom” is the object form of “who” which, if I remember correctly, means in prepositional phrases (after the words to, for, by, etc.). I know for sure that it’s often misused by very proud and “dignified” people who, when they want to sound smart, will just replace any “who” with “whom.”
    Feel free to correct me on that, though. I’m no English teacher, so it’s not as if my usefulness depends on knowing this sort of thing; I just work at Pizza Hut. (Wow, an allusion to the actual post. I’m good.)

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