And so it begins.

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43 Responses to And so it begins.

  1. Paper tiger says:

    I believe in humanity today.

  2. Catch says:

    I can’t be the only one who’s scared by this entry… Especially the “government take over” circle.

  3. Josh says:

    I think his election is a certain kind of victory. But, as an intellectual experiment, think of three things you expect will change for the better now that Obama is president. Track those things, see if change is made, and if the results of that change are good.

  4. Jen Shizuka says:

    Catch, wouldn’t you call it a “take over” for Senate, Congress, AND the Presidency to all be Dem?

    I mean, obviously it wasn’t a military coup… you’re _really_ scared by the comic? It’s an analogy-joke…

  5. Gelato says:

    i used this drawing for my blog. I hope you agree. If not, please tell me.

  6. tudza says:

    Government take over, by election, wasn’t that part of the original rules of the game?

    Shock and awe, not involving gunfire or munitions, a good thing.

    Nation building, our own for a change one hopes. Those idiots in Iraq, all crying for Saddam because suddenly their electricity didn’t work properly, time to let them fend for themselves again.

  7. doctor S says:

    WOW! This stuff is amazing. Fell on your site via Squawkfox. Genius!!

  8. Red says:

    Just as FDR was the Zeitgeist of his era, and JFK the Zeitgeist of his.

  9. wanderingatlarge says:

    Cut to the scary chanting: Yes We Can! Yes We Can!

    Not that I begrudge you guys an awesome election.

    If you keep on voting like this, the rest of the world might actually start to like you again.

  10. Bret says:

    surely not.

  11. Rathish says:

    Oh, why am I reminded of “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi klein? Have you read it?

  12. Fuzzy says:

    Just as FDR was the Zeitgeist of his era, and JFK the Zeitgeist of his.

    Yes, yes, I know Obama is getting his 4 years and 15 minutes of fame, that he’s the DNC’s rock star d’jour, and that criticizing the DNC’s Current Favorite Person is taboo.

    But still…

    If Obama turns out to be half as good as either FDR or JFK I’ll be surprised.

    Note that I didn’t say that’s impossible, just that it’s unlikely–how many Presidents since JFK could fill JFK’s shoes? None.

  13. Sam says:

    I’m not too worried about him filling JFK’s shoes Fuzzy, the man is intelligent, open minded and highly charismatic, and at the helm of a formerly great nation which has almost been reduced to a formless lump of clay, in terms of continuity of policy. It’s been proven “the old way” doesn’t work, so he has a great deal more freedom to enact change.

    What terrifies me is the question of whether or not he’ll make it through his first term before meeting the same fate as JFK at the hands of some delusional bigot.

  14. John says:

    Idunno Sam. Most bigots, even delusional ones, recognize the fact that if he gets assassinated he’ll become a martyr in the eyes of liberals worldwide. This is especially true of the ones who would actually be capable of pulling off an assassination. It wouldn’t come from a terrorist organization because Biden scares them almost as much as McCain does so they wouldn’t want him taking over. If it does happen it will be much more likely to come from someone way out in left field that nobody ever expected.

  15. kate says:

    huh. cool. 3×5.

  16. rapa says:

    Don’t be too sure of the word “Zeitgeist”. As a matter of fact, I would consider it is more of a coup capitalizing on the sudden financial meltdown. Otherwise, it would not be that easy although there ought to be some prestigious figure behind monitoring the campaign as well as the financing. A $250 million airtime on the TV is a sure to be something on nothing.

    Let’s see how the left of center work now. Hope that we are not entering socialism from capitalism and don’t forget we are a conservative right country capitalizing on small government and free trade which is the foundation of our country. God bless us that we are still America hopefully

  17. the devil says:

    rapa, you really believed all that “socialism” blabber of poor Ms. Palin?

  18. Maria Ferreira says:

    Hi. I´m Portuguese. Yesterday USA that we admire really returned. Not because you elected a left wing democrat (he is not so left wing in European terms). But because as a people you can decide to change, and change not a politician, but the deepest prejudices. 50 years in humanity story is nothing, and in less than 50 years you change from segregationists laws to a African descendant president. Thank you. Know do the rest of the job. End Guantanamo that shame us all, and that stands a measure of the terrorist victory. When a terrorist makes, by fear, a democracy do such crimes, he wins. As I see it we really are in a civilization war, but Bush, Palin and the likes of they, are in the same side as Osama bin Laden. A narrow world against a wide one. Fear against liberty. Obedience against responsibility. Poverty against share wealth. Authority against knowledge. It´s a complex world and they are so scared…Maria Ferreira

  19. GregLondon says:

    don’t forget we are a conservative right country

    Says who?

    funny how certain conservative-right folks keep saying stuff like that, no matter who gets elected. Let me just project my personal ideals onto the nation and claim that any evidence to the contrary is just a result of some glitch.

    the foundation of our country. God bless us that we are still America hopefully

    If anything, I think we finally returned to being the Constitutional democracy that we were founded on. A lot of you “conservative-right” folks started acting as if the constitution was optional these last 8 years.

  20. Zetgiest? Please.... says:

    obama is NO JFK

    stop kidding yourselves folks, he is all flash and no substance.

    What credentials does he have again, how did he prove that he has what it takes to lead us?

    this is a disaster

  21. Diogo Matias says:

    Tell me, “Zetgiest? Please….”, what credentials did Bush have when he was elected the first time?
    What about the second time?
    What “credentials” does McCain have?

    Now ask yourself: Does it even matter?

    Mentality is key, and you guys, as a country, desperately needed to change. For your own benefit and for the benefit of the rest of the world.

    For 8 long years you’ve been blinded by fear, by a war-mongering puppet that has ruined a whole country and profited from it.

    Wake up.

  22. Linguist says:

    I find it hard to believe that people think JFK was a good president.

    Yes, people liked him, but he brought us closer to nuclear war than any president ever did. Even Jimmy Carter had better foreign policy than JFK, and he couldn’t get hostages out of a foreign country (Ronald Reagan did that).

    Sometimes, being a martyr saves your legacy.

    Also, all this talk of martyrdom probably has us on several Secret Service watch lists by now.

  23. Greg London says:

    he is all flash and no substance.

    Or you’re all accusations and no evidence.

    What credentials does he have again

    A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, served as president of the Harvard Law Review. worked as a community organizer and practiced as a civil rights attorney. served three terms in the Illinois Senate. He taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School. elected to the US Senate in 2004.

    How’d you manage to post here and miss the whole internet?

  24. Gah! says:

    I love Obama as America’s president, and am sure he can do an amazing job.

    What kills me is that apparently nobody knows the US is NOT a democracy; it never was and probably never will be. Recite the pledge of allegiance in your head:

    ‘I pledge allegiance…and to the REPUBLIC, for which it stands…”

    We are a republic, not a democracy. And as long as we’re getting technical, some might call the US an empire. Look at Puerto Rico– what a perfect example of the US conquering another country. Look at what we did to Native Americans.

  25. rapa says:

    If an orator or a demagogue is good enough to be the president, give yourself 6 months, you are going to be very very disappointed.We all have flesh and bones but without substance, we are doomed to fail miserably.Just watch out for 6 months and you would find American would still be plagued by the financial meltdown down the road and on the foreign affairs front, I am sure we would still be stuck in Iraq without pulling out of our troops and everyday we would have bad news from Afghanistan as well as Pakistan…..

  26. Greg London says:

    What is it with right wingers and this “six more months” meme. we’ve heard “Six more months and Iraq will turn around” from you guys for six years now. Ever notice that nothing is changing?

    Now it’s “six more months” and we’ll all see Obama is a demagogue?

    Whatever dude.

  27. Alfredo Lorente says:

    1. Maria, will you marry me?

    2. Gah!, as a Puerto Rican, I thank you for being in-the-know.

    3. Linguist, Reagan broke the law (and his word, but that’s not illegal) more times than you either remember or know. Staring with working behind Carter’s back to free the hostages to the Iran-Contra scandal, all of those actions were illegal. And for the record, after KAL 007, the only thing that saved us from a radioactive death was a Soviet General who decided not to disobey orders because he thought their computers may very well be malfunctioning.

    4. Fuzzy, ditto. But FDRs and JFKs shoes are pretty big. And between Obama and McCain, Obama is the one with the potential to unite the country and reach greatness. Plus, it seems as if the last batch of Republicans are more closely related to Nixon than Lincoln…

  28. Six Months? says:

    It scares me that you expect this man, in a short 6 months, to pull the US out of this financial meltdown which took… how many years to come to a head? I think those expectations are pretty realistic and unfair. If Obama really is a visionary, then his ideas will have long-term impact that we will (hopefully) see and feel for years to come…. Real change often takes generations…

  29. T S Garp says:

    Obama is a shill for the Global Banking Cartel that runs EVERYTHING.

    JFK was killed because he wasn’t.

    Look into the Silver Certificates JFK had issued by the U.S. Government, not the Federal Reserve. (The Federal Reserve is no more “federal” than Federal Express.) $5, $10, $20 Silver Certificates were printed. Only the $5’s were issued, then withdrawn after JFK was assasinated. The rest never were distributed.

    Obama is no JFK. He is beholden to Wall Street and corporate banking interests.

    You need to get your heads out of the false left-right paradigm and realize that neither side really gives a shit about the people. The Banker Bailout Bill should have shown everyone that.

  30. Ole Ole Ole Obama, Obama Obama says:

    Um, where does Dancing in Streets til Dawn intersect this set? :)

  31. Hahaha. sweet index.

    I don’t know the quote exactly, but here’s a stab at it:

    “Socialism will be entered in with the sound of clapping hands.”

    I’m not saying Obama is a Socialist, but he’s more socialist than any previous president.

  32. Publius says:

    The conspiracy theorists…I guess they really do exist and really do believe their own hype…

  33. Jack Vermicelli says:

    GregLondon:”If anything, I think we finally returned to being the Constitutional democracy that we were founded on.”

    I’d be very surprised if Obama can truthfully and sincerely swear to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution,” and give a damn about both the 9th and 10th Amendments (especially the 10th). They’ve gone by the wayside more and more. So far as I know, no social engineering nor socialization nor bailout package (let alone Dept of Education, SSA, the Fed etc.) passes the 10th.

  34. GregLondon says:

    give a damn about both the 9th and 10th Amendments

    How about the 8th? Seems Bush and Co. have beaten the crap out of that one. If we could just outlaw torture, that would be a step towards rebuilding the constitution.

    As far as bailouts go, if you want to leave it to the states or the people themselves to do the bailout, why don’t you start now by sending some of your money to Fannie Mae.

    Or are you one of those John Galt nutjobs?

  35. Zeigeist…hmmm..great word. Think I’ll include that one in My Favorite Z Words (when I get to Z)…thanks for the inspiration. ginger

  36. derangedchicken says:

    TS Garp,

    I agree.

    If Obama actually does anything to stop the horrors of globalization or toss an kind of wrench into the ‘Corporatocracy’ that currently passes for our nation? I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  37. Michael M says:

    Are the circles about George W. Bush’s presidency, or Barack H. Obama’s election? Or both?


  38. Ninya says:

    First off, all rulers who gain power from the support of masses of average people is a demagogue. So yes, we have a demagogue as president elect, but that’s nothing new.

    What makes this election so fun is that the average masses are pissed-off, or at least very frustrated. We’re primed to accept radical policies, as long as they’ve got nothing to do with Bush. The fact that we’ve elected a bit of a wildcard rather than our standard old white guy shows that right now, anything could happen. I have no idea if Obama will successfully navigate this weird minefield that’s been accumulating for over eight years or if he will set it off, but either way, this will be quite interesting. I can’t complain about the rest of the world hating us a little less, either.

  39. Sean says:

    So many accusations. Let’s just agree that he’s a Black, half-black, race-traitor, race savior, Christian nut-job, Muslim fanatic, terrorist-loving/fighting, full-fledged commie, full-fledged socialist, secret corporate capitalist shrill for the world bank, empty suit with potential to change with his non-existent but extremely full list of credentials who will fix and destroy the economy simultaneously.

    Seriously, if half this shit were actually true, it’d STILL make him better than giving Sarah Palin even a 1% chance at entering the Oval Office.

  40. RK says:

    Reminds me of another funny site:; and the parodic “motivational poster” that reads in big letters: CHANGE on top of a picture of a tornado. The sub-caption reads: “When the winds of change blow hard enough, even the most trivial of objects can become deadly projectiles.”

    Ever seen an earmark hit your great-grandkid’s paycheck at over 300 mph?? It’s not pretty.

  41. Sienna says:

    a year later, the government takeover bubble is HUGE and shock and awe is still big, but Obama just looks pathetic now. He proved himself to be just another callous politician with zero accountability and zero accomplishments other than being black.