That old lady’s face looks delicious!

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52 Responses to That old lady’s face looks delicious!

  1. sdc says:

    your title took me about 10 seconds to figure out after reading the chart… then i just about spit up my cereal. good one!

  2. Grant says:

    sigh… yes, because all pitbulls eat the faces of old ladies… thanks for helping spread the breed bigotry. Of course, putting “irresponsible dog owners” on the x-axis doesn’t have quite the same impact, does it?

  3. Grant says:

    I find myself more likely to be snarled/lunged at by weird little yappy dogs with uncaring hipster owners in McCarren park than I do pit bulls. I think pit bulls get an extremely bad rap. Most of the pit bulls I’ve encountered have been extremely well-mannered, even friendly.

  4. Grant says:

    hah, whoops

    the first grant and the second grant are different people. that wacky google.

  5. barbierica1 says:

    Agreed … myself and two of my friends have pit bulls or pit bull mixes, and I can honestly say they are by far the best dogs I have ever owned. Sweet, goofy, and incredibly smart and trainable.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Grant, may I suggest you up your ritalin dosage? She’s not spreading breed bigotry, she’s making a fun comparison and it’s meant to be a JOKE. If a person’s beliefs about a breed of dog are in any way swayed by the contents of a WEB COMIC, then they’re beyond repair anyway.

  7. Anonymous says:

    some breeds seem to attract a disproportionate share of “irresponsible dog owners.” This is especially unfortunate when said dogs are particularly powerful and known to be more protective of their turf and owners.

    Real men own cattle dogs.

  8. Anonymous says:

    i work as a cashier in a grocery store. i am in far more danger of getting my face ripped off by old ladies than an pack of pitbulls

  9. Anonymous says:

    anon, real women own cattle dogs too :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    i, too, am saddened by the use of pit bulls on the chart. i know it’s just supposed to be a fun joke, but it just perpetuates the idea that these are dangerous dogs, even though pit bulls aren’t even a recognized breed. i agree with the grants…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Good one. How much are your taser guns and do you ship them to Europe?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lol.. SHOCKING post!

  13. annabelle says:

    This one really isn’t funny. Way to perpetuate negative breed stereotypes.

  14. fat girl says:

    speaking as someone who was attacked by a pitbull, i find this appalling. HA! just kidding. great stuff! =)

  15. Dawn says:

    The Pit Bull is the all-American dog. Look at the dogs icons in the last century: RCA Dog, Buster Brown’s dog, WWI American propaganda posters, Petey from the Little Rascals, etc. The first man to drive across the US had a Pit as his copilot. They’ve appeared on the cover of “Life” mag. three times.

    The main thing different now is the way the dogs are treated by their owners. And, of course, the availability of tasers.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Way to reinforce the stereotyping of Pit bulls. Or ANY bad rap breed.

    It is the owner, not neccessarily the dog, that is to blame.

    I do not find this ‘comparison’ to be fun or a joke. So-called ‘jokes’ like this only serve to spread the rampant misconceptions about certain breeds of dogs.

  17. #1 blogger says:

    OK i think that’s enough. everyone can un-bunch their panties now and get over it. i’m pretty sure that J.H. was not trying to commit breed bigotry. no, she was just trying to be funny. and she succeeded. again.

  18. Anonymous says:

    who said she was talking about dogs?

  19. BobH says:

    “…weird little yappy dogs” may be annoying, but they weren’t bred to clamp down on a victim’s arm, or maul his face, or gang up on a young child. Pit bulls do this all the time.

  20. Anonymous says:

    “pit bulls do this all the time”

    really? they do this constantly? all across America, pit bulls are ganging up on children? german shepherds are notorious police dogs, known for biting down on criminals and not giving up. as with any breed, the demeanor of the dog has a lot to do with its training

  21. ojo says:

    a) No one ever said “all pit bulls”.

    b) Pit bulls cause by far the most human fatalities – 50% more than the next breed, and 25% of all of them. Like it or not, people notice this. CDC report covering 1979 to 1998

    c) Sharks kill almost no one, and people really, really fear them.

  22. Mike says:

    Hey everybody, come back tomorrow. JH is going to talk about religion AND politics. Thats’ AND because I think she hit on a little ‘religion’ today.

  23. annabelle says:

    ” “…weird little yappy dogs” may be annoying, but they weren’t bred to clamp down on a victim’s arm, or maul his face, or gang up on a young child. Pit bulls do this all the time.”

    Actually, Pit Bulls were bred to do that to BULLS, not children. Get your facts straight. They are one of the gentlest breeds with children and people in general, and they make terrible guard dogs.

    Also, Golden Retrievers and other popular “friendly” breeds are responsible for far more serious bites than Pit type dogs. Not to mention, bite statistics about Pits are flawed, because there is actually no such thing as a “Pit Bull” breed – and many AC officers refer to all medium sized, muscular dogs as “Pit bull types.”

  24. brad says:

    i never knew there were so many dogmatic pitbull apologists.

    “perpetuate negative breed stereotypes.”

    so unintentionally funny.

    p.s. love the site.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Lots of people making generalizations in both directions. The English Bulldog was bred for sport fighting some 400 years ago, but you don’t see anyone making a stink about bulldogs.

    My mom had to get 9 stitches in her arm after she was attacked by a border collie. Bad owner = Bad dog.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Lame. Try making funny jokes next time. This? Not funny.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I’m a 108 lb female, my pitbull is pretty much double my weight, and acts as a lap dog.
    He’d maul a face off of an old woman if said old woman was breaking into my home and going to hurt me, but aside from that he’d much rather give kisses.
    He’s afraid of my cats, and baby’s my friend’s shiba inu puppy. He is afraid of loud noises, and wont even put his mouth around you in play.
    Not that it needs to be said here again, but it’s all about the owner and how they are trained, not about the breed.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Wow, why are people so sensitive about Pit Bulls? I love them and totally LOL’d at this. Thanks!

  29. i.s.t. says:

    My dog and I were attacked by a friend’s pit bull. Before this incident, I was of the “pit bulls” get a bad wrap school – now like the graph predicts, we walk with a taser. Pit bulls attack more viscously, tenaciously and frequently than other breeds.

  30. Mickehslon says:

    The joke is in the chart but the punchline is in the comments!

    It’s a matter of record that pit bulls are repsonsible for more fatal attacks than any other dogs, and we’re asked to believe this is due to irresponsible owners.

    If we can’t ban pit bulls based on their temperament, perhaps we can ban them based on their tendency to attract bad owners?

  31. Anonymous says:



  32. Confusion says:

    I wouldn’t normally wade into this kind of flamewar, but really.
    I like the comic, I thought it was funny. I should read Indexed more often.

    For reference, my personal views are that we shouldn’t have dogs at all. The entire justification for them is flimsy and crap, if people want companionship they should get a cat, or y’know, pretty much any other animal that isn’t likely to run up and bite me for the crime of walking past.

  33. e says:

    Just so I’m clear, we’re talking about an index card, right? Something she does in her down time with no real agenda? If it bothers someone that much…stop reading. Just an index card. A funny one.

  34. stevensplinter says:

    J.H., I just want to comment that I think you’re doing a great job, and I enjoyed the comic. Don’t let some people with bad histories or personal biases bring you down, if they were in the first place. Take care!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I work in assisted living, and I can wholeheartedly assure you that old ladies are far to terrifying to me than a pit bull will ever be.

  36. Pete Harris says:

    Assisted living assistant-

    Do you carry a taser?!

  37. Stephen says:

    Uh oh… the comments on this card are beginning to look too much like YouTube.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I’m starting to wonder if this card didn’t get posted to a pit bull owners forum somewhere. Lot’s of very similar protests.

    For the record, I’ve run across many sweet pit bulls (i.e. muscular staffordshire or pit bull terrier types), as well as many that were overtly aggressive. Unfortunately, aggressiveness in the pit bulls seem more common, for WHATEVER reason.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Liberal media? Haha you’re fucking stupid.

    Well done.

  40. Matt says:

    Yet another nerve struck, haha. These are always the best posts. Good form.

  41. Matt says:

    Oh, and confusion, I’ve been bit and scratched more by cats than any dog. That’s not to say they’re more dangerous, but more irritable. Just my 2 cents.

  42. thyme says:

    I hate it when dogs lick my face. Any breed of dogs. Excellent post!

    (Cats too.)

  43. jim schmidt says:

    The comments to this blog confirm my suspicions that dog people are delusional. NO dog is offended by this blog entry. Only their uptight “owners.”

  44. Anonymous says:

    those of you getting pissed – J.H. is simply acknowledging a public fear of said type of dog, saying nothing about its validity or lack thereof.

  45. Chaz says:

    I heard Sarah Palin and the pope both support the No Pit Bull Left Behind Act, which will turn pit bulls into tracking devices that report to the Chinese government so that they can feed the data to aliens.

    Also, I happen to have an overstock of bridges, being as I am Nigerian royalty. Anyone buying?

  46. Lacks Sense of Humor says:

    Has nobody yet realized that this graph makes no assertions to the effect that pit bulls are actually dangerous? As far as I can tell, it simply provides a model correlating two phenomena, taser sales and growth in the population of pit bulls, without explaining how or why they are correlated.

    That said, has this research been peer-reviewed? It seems kind of flimsy, and try as I might, I can’t seem to find any kind of citations or bibliography anywhere. Also, the graph is crudely and almost certainly imprecisely rendered. All that aside, your work shows promise. I’ll check back periodically for improvements in the quality of your scholarship.

    I’m just kidding.

  47. A Paperback Writer says:


  48. cfern.canto says:

    whine while whine the internets is SRS BSNSS whine whine whine i dont care about all the people killed and mutilated by pitbulls cause MY dog is great and thats all that matters

    “The joke is in the chart but the punchline is in the comments!”

    You pretty much solved the puzzle, there.

  49. Erica says:

    It’s really refreshing to see that the majority of commenters here have been defending pit bulls. I was afraid I’d open this page and be confronted with a wall o’ ignorance. I work in a boarding facility and have spent a lot of time volunteering in shelters as well, and the pit bulls are absolutely the sweetest, gentlest, most gregarious and loving dogs you’ll ever meet. Even the ones that have been starved, beaten, and ignored turn into teddy bears with a little TLC.

  50. Anonymous says:

    this makes me really sad…i am the proud owner of a rescued pit who is the sweetest dog i’ve ever met. it’s people like you who perpetuate the myth that pit bulls are dangerous. german shepherds attack more people every year, and more people are killed by st. bernards than pit bulls. sorry for the rant, but it’s really unfair.

  51. jane doe says:

    i hate to say it again, but it need to be said.

    1. Bad owner leads to bad dog, not breed of dog.
    2. Yes, by nature Pits are quite strong and powerful, therefore IF they attack, it’s gonna leave a mark.
    3. As far as bans go, I don’t think we should ban Pits. I think we should ban stupid/cruel people from owing Pits. Anyone thinking of acquiring one should have to submit to a background check and IQ test, among other things.