Scrimp dinner.

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13 Responses to Scrimp dinner.

  1. Evan Walters says:


  2. Just Joe says:

    Eh, I’d rather have potato chowder anyway.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Raman noodles and water.

  4. Mike says:

    So are you ever going to go back there for lunch?

  5. Thomas says:

    Are we talking about Manhattan or New England clam chowder?

    Or, to be pedestrian, the red or the white?

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s rather interesting that “Potatoes in chowder” is the independent variable. So an increasing amount of potatoes causes clams to be more expensive?

  7. akangjuned says:

    i’am still not understand :(

  8. Guinea Pig says:

    Anonymous needs to go back to school for a week or two.

    I see lots of potatoes in my chowder’s future. And that $700 billion ladle won’t help a bit.

  9. burnlikestars says:

    what’s the password?
    -new england clam chowder
    Would that be the red or the white kind?

  10. Christine says:

    Anonymous: typically, the horizontal axis is the independent variable and the vertical axis is the dependent.

  11. M. Steve Heartsill says:

    why would anyone want red chowder…that is just wrong…almost unAmerican! :)

  12. Gary says:

    In Massachusetts, the addition of tomatoes to clam chowder is actually prohibited by law. If you put tomatoes in it, you gotta call it something else…Although, I usually spike my chowder with enough hot sauce that it’ll almost pass for Manhattan style.

  13. ~ Laura ~ says:

    We may all be eating potato soup soon!