They do make them.

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21 Responses to They do make them.

  1. Matthew says:

    This needs another circle intersecting with ‘Spork’ titled ‘Titanium’ with the intersection lableled: “C – Thinkgeek or Leo Laporte”.


  2. ~Angela~ says:

    Next time a child is born among my family/friend circle, I am TOTALLY buying that kid a silver spork.

  3. (x, why?) says:

    My only question is answered by the title of the cartoon.

  4. Lemons says:

    You know what they say– “eccentric” is the same as “crazy,” except with more money.

  5. Chaz says:

    Personally, I’m sure there’s better materials than silver for making sporks. You wouldn’t want to damage the tines; I guess it’s a decorative piece, in which case I would say that it should be inclusive of the “rich” portion, although separate from the “silver spoon” portion.

    Of course, I also consider a spork to be just about the best utensil there is, given the breadth of uses. Especially if there’s a little blade along one of the lower edges of the spoon portion — just be careful when using it!

  6. llewllynn says:

    What about a silver telephone dialer?

  7. nmrboy says:

    surely spork is a subset of spoon plus fork (ie spork and spoon cannot be mutually exclusive as pictured), and so there should be three circles (with mutual overlapping) of spoon, fork, and silver, and then have A where it is but with B located within all three?

    i think i just outnerded myself.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I suddenly want a silver spork. This desire is completely illogical and without reason.

    But nevertheless, I want a silver spork.

  9. bapped says:

    ripley’s believe it or not: the silver spork!

  10. jth says:

    Actually, I got my titanium spork from REI. And it’s actually pretty nice, though the Ti texture takes some getting used to.

  11. Thoughtful Review Guy says:

    Mine is titanium.

  12. Jengada says:

    Silver spork=runcible spoon. Although Edward Lear made up the term for The Owl & The Pussycat, it’s now an actual utensil –

  13. Bug Designs says:

    I so want a silver spork, but only if I can still eat Taco Bell with it.

  14. (x, why?) says:

    Looks like xkcd is reading your strips.

    Friday’s cartoon was a Health vs Time chart.

    Today’s (5/5) strip deals with Sporks.

    I love the way that cartoonists feed each other. (Not complaining — it was from the link on xkcd’s page that I found indexed in the first place.)

  15. Michele says:

    (B) would be either eccentric or very rich/old-fasioned. At which point, it’s called an ice cream fork (or as already pointed out, a runcible spoon).

    (Which I have actually seen in silver, though not so much due to wealth as due to age.)

  16. Liz says:

    In Australia, we call them splades. I think spork is a more apt name.

  17. tudza says:

    Liz, so you are from Australia and you do know what a Splayd is:

    I kept asking people from Australia about them and getting blank looks. I showed on to a guy and he said, “Oh, we call those dessert spoons.”

    I have a set now and I find them less useful than my REI titanium spork. The tines are too far down into the spoon section to make the Splayd a useful spoon.

    Oh, and from what I can tell a splade ( generic term ) or spork are not runcible spoons. If you look at the first illustration, done by the inventor of the term I think, it looks nothing like it. Of course, the definition changes in later works so maybe on of those is similar in appearance/description.

  18. Liz says:

    Thanks for all that info Tudza. I didn’t know that a splayd was so useful. We only use them to eat cake and then only on special occasions.
    I’ve never heard them called a dessert spoon before nor did I know you could cut with them and I never would have thought to eat a meal with them.
    I now look at my splayd in a whole new light and will have to utilise them a lot more. Thanks for opening up a whole new world of eating utensils for me. lol

  19. Mike says:

    I was gonna say actually they make titanium sporks, and REI sells them, but it looks like someone beat me.

  20. subwayphilosophy says:

    I grew up with nice spork flatwear. It explains so much.