For my MBA friends (apologies to Mr. Porter).

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9 Responses to For my MBA friends (apologies to Mr. Porter).

  1. Harald Korneliussen says:

    Mr. Porter?

  2. ais says:

    Michael Porter- he is a strategic management theorist and guru. He developed the “5 forces” model which this is based on, which (very basically) looks at 5 types of external forces which will dictate, or certainly should inform, an organisations strategy. Jessica’s model is much more entertaining though.

  3. Roz says:

    This is going straight to my old strategy professor.

  4. ByzantineX says:


    Previously I emailed you regarding doing some guest posting on my blog.

    However, I did not receive a response from you so I’m not sure what happened.

    I have been reading your Indexes for quite some time now and I think it would be fun to have you create a few (even if it’s just one that’s fine) to post on my blog, possibly with a short excerpt about who you are and why you do these.

    My Blog is

    And my email is

    Please contact me about this opportunity. Thank You!

    – EB

  5. Anonymous says:

    @ byzantinex …

    wow, that sounds arrogant. ‘I’ve been reading your stuff for a long time and now I would like you to create some stuff specifically for my website where I tell people all about life from my perspective. Please include a biography along with why you are submitting this to me and why I should find you funny.’

  6. Dr. X says:

    If you choose to address him by his formal title, it is Dr. Porter. Awesome posting, as always.

  7. ByzantineX says:

    I apologize.

    I did not mean to sound arrogant at all. Quite the opposite actually.

    Guest Blogging is an incredibly common practice. I have sent several friends to this blog.

    Guest Blogging, as I was asking this blog’s creator to do, only helps the guest blogger by driving more traffic to their blog and creating more name recognition for them.

    Again, my apologies for sounding arrogant in any way.

  8. ken says:

    My brain hath exploded. I will spend the majority of what remains of my 36th year interpreting this post.

    Nice brain! Keep it up (the posting…not your brain…or at least not literally).

  9. Ken says:

    Hi… my name is Ken also… I have an MBA and am finishing my second year of PhD work… have also worked in industry for 15 years… you certainly have to keenest insight on Michael Porter’s work I have seen to date. They say that the perfect “original work” in theory has to be something simple and novel that proves useful. While Porter’s work fits this mold… who the hell didn’t know that these “5 forces” were important! I will say that I have met Porter and he seems a decent guy… but thanks for poking fun at a group of us that often times take ourselves a bit too seriously…

    I am about to start working on a dissertation topic for a business/IS PhD… any ideas?

    Thanks for making me laugh.