Just dying to get out.

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11 Responses to Just dying to get out.

  1. johan swarts says:


    i’ve been following your sketches for a few weeks now. really love’m. this one is especially witty :)

  2. Katie says:

    This made me laugh. Out loud. At work. :-) Thanks!

  3. Damon O. says:

    Merciful heavens :-O

  4. alisha says:

    too funny!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    All fat girls contain a tape worm?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant :) Best so far

  7. Anonymous says:

    that is rich

  8. pinokio says:

    i’ve been following your sketches for a few weeks.

    make me laugh….
    that best….

  9. fat girl says:


  10. jilli says:

    I so love that is so cute.

  11. Good morning! LOVE this concept! I found out about you through postcrossings, congratulations on your success! You must be quite a. creative, b. brilliant, c. observant, d. all of the above! All my best!