Efficiency = Cheap Apartment

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19 Responses to Efficiency = Cheap Apartment

  1. Monette says:

    ain’t that the truth….

    enjoying the snow?

  2. Jessica Hagy says:

    A plow just cleared our street an hour ago. I thought we’d be trapped for days.

    I think I’ll be able to get out of the neighborhood now.

  3. Kathy says:

    That one reminds me of something I saw once: “Of course I’m not busy. I did it right the first time.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    ooo, got a little signature thing going on now, huh? :O

  5. The Combat Philosopher says:

    This is one I know oh so well — I should print this out and send it to half my co-workers. Utterly brilliant. Thanks.

    The CP

  6. Irie says:

    I just saw Le Grande Content. Awesome! Before I even knew it had anything to do with you, I could tell. No one else does the math like you.

    Who did the film>

  7. ilker says:

    You deserve a link from me.. my next post will be about you Jessica!

  8. Clint says:

    Has anyone compared you to Demitri Martin yet? If not…

  9. Mr. Your On Fire Mr. says:

    I just noticed the signature, too…


    Now you just have to hang the the cards in a gallery.

  10. Thomas says:

    Implicit understanding of this concept is the key to my professional achievements.

    Looking busy is sooo much more important than actual proficiency.

  11. Anonymous says:

    A graphic illustration of the concept of “face time.” Excellent!
    –Kevin Carson

  12. Dan says:

    Another brilliant one – I love it!

  13. Anonymous says:

    You should add ‘engineering student’ to the top right.

  14. Anonymous says:

    my productivity has drastically decreased as well. hopefully i’ll be able to afford one of these apartments when i graduate :)

  15. jim says:

    sooo true

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