We’re all going to Hell.

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132 Responses to We’re all going to Hell.

  1. Hans Mundahl says:

    Holy cow – that one is dense!

    Yeah, BD was my saturday too :)

  2. Sanman says:


    I love your one-cell-strip, congratulations. ^_^

  3. Will says:

    I haven’t finished reading this one. But I like.

  4. Will says:

    Done now. I love it!

  5. j2 says:

    Best heptagon I’ve seen in ages.

  6. Tiger says:

    LOL Nice one!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:


    Right now, Demitri Martin is on Comedy Central doing his little comedy graphs, and I can say with confidence that yours are far more insightful and far, far more intelligent. And much more fun. :D

    Thank you for creating this blog!

  8. Katie says:


  9. JGC says:

    SO ridiculous…I love the way you think. Keep up the great work.

  10. Kedar says:

    Wow. Well done! Very thorough!

  11. axegrinder says:


    ABD – Watching Padma Lakshmi on “Top Chef.”

    ACE – Keeping one’s pimp hand strong

    BDG – Liposuction


  12. SMfC says:

    holy shit! honestly, that is amazing. where does this come from and when are you gonna make it big?

  13. Sojourner says:

    This one is great!

    Would you consider making this one available as a t-shirt?

  14. DJ Segfault says:

    <AOL> Me too! </AOL>
    I would definitely buy this one on a t-shirt if it came in my size.

  15. Noop says:

    I love that you actually took the trouble to construct an actual heptagon :)


  16. krishna kumar says:


  17. You know what they say about girl carpenters? says:

    I hope you don’t mind that I am a little bit in love with you.

  18. Chaucer's Bitch says:

    Dude, that is fantastic. I am suddenly reminded of religion classes in my 12 years of Catholic education, which were not fantastic.

  19. lastovka says:

    Astonishing! Genius!
    I send the url address to my math teacher so she would be finally able to explain the pupils how mathematics can be used in everyday life ;)

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’m absolutely speechless! That is amazing!

  21. Mark says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    Almost brilliant. You need to replace the A-G letter labels with meaningful letters. Use the first letter of each sin (with Greed replaced by Avarice, for uniqueness). Then it will be possible look at WE = Cattiness and see imediately that it refers to Wrath and Envy.

  23. Robert says:

    This is my favorite one so far. And I second axegrinder’s suggestion for filling in the 2-simplices in the graph with something.

  24. Chris says:

    You’ve outdone yourself. I really enjoy this blog, and this entry takes the cake.

  25. Jillian says:

    I bow to your genius.


  26. Gelatoallimon says:

    very nice!

  27. Shamrock says:

    Haha, I love this.

  28. Anonymous says:

    This is truly the most fantastic of them all. It took me a minute to actually read and connect them all, but once I was done…
    Just hilarious/amazing.
    (Btw- I adore your site!)

  29. Bozoette says:

    This is my absolute favorite of all.

  30. awls says:

    Graphic venting, but love it!
    You say it while we wish we had. tx

  31. Trop says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    T-shirt it!

    Soooo excellent


  33. Jessica Hagy says:

    Yay, friendly Blog people!
    Hugs to everyone who showers.

    Okay then, this one is now a shirt.

    Note to t-shirt wanters: I know the site I’ve got now isn’t the best ever, and a new store is in the works. Thanks for all the feedback.

    Hold tight, and you shall be rewarded!

  34. Terri Ann says:

    Possibly the best yet! For the record reddit .

  35. Anup says:

    This is freaking brilliant..

    Good to go !!!


  36. kinkaid_0 says:

    I can certainly see the humourous nature of this, but welfare a deadly sin? for someone with a religious bent there is an obvious lack of compassion. wait this makes perfect sense.

  37. GC (God's Child) says:

    amazing–this one’s brilliant. I don’t care if somebody else already said that. You ought to know.

  38. joeythehobo says:

    Your best yet!

  39. Huw Raphael says:

    I’d love a t-shirt of this one as well. And look:
    You made it into other blogland.

  40. Fred says:


  41. Tim (Random Observations) says:

    When this drawing showed up on GetReligion, a friend of mine liked it so much she forwarded it to me.

    Totally hilarious; great job!

  42. Maxine Dangerous says:

    LOVE. IT. :]

  43. titan says:

    awesome post! the shirt’s totally mine.

  44. jimmycity says:

    I’m so happy that so many people are discovering you and praising you for your work. You are so special, so unique, and I’ve just used the word “so” four times in two sentences. Five, if you count that last one.

    We love you, Jess.

  45. DM says:

    Can you label all the faces of the 6-simplex in the same way? Actually, I think even 2-skeleton will be impressive.

    Great job, BTW.

  46. Anonymous says:


  47. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen this done on a threadless tee shirt – but not as good.

  48. dbspin says:

    Welfare is a sin? How American. No doubt poverty is a lifestyle too.

  49. Græme says:

    hehehe! ‘fat men in speedos’…Only thing funnier is seeing someone get hit in the balls by accident.

  50. slag says:

    OMG. I’m totally gonna burn.

  51. Sharpie says:

    that is amazing!

  52. deeleea says:

    I KNEW it.

    Love your brain.

  53. Mariah says:

    Hahaha, Go Ina!

    …and who are all these people calling you brilliant and forwarding things to their math teachers?

  54. Scott says:

    But I don’t see Spam :)

  55. Anonymous says:

    hey dbspin… get a job man and earn your own man.

  56. ani says:

    this is just wat i needed to make me smile on a day like today! :D u rock dude!!!!!

  57. angelvice says:

    are the t-shirts out yet? i want one! laylu05@hotmail.com

  58. Citygent says:

    I like it. Now I shall be referring to my friends and co-workers as EF9, etc

  59. Jason Lonsdale says:

    thank you -you made this lapsed Catholic’s day!

  60. Lesley says:

    Bulemia is a disease, not a sin. The rest of them I can float with, but that one’s a bit offensive.

  61. Lewis says:

    I’d like a tee, too!

  62. Lewis says:

    I realise now I haven’t left my email address – lewis.jones@landg.com

  63. Daldianus says:

    Awesome! :)

  64. smellanie says:

    To the person who said: “Bulemia is a disease, not a sin. The rest of them I can float with, but that one’s a bit offensive.”

    Get over yourself. Really. This is some hilarious stuff.

  65. Evie says:

    Love it!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Will you please be my best friend? You are beyond cool.

    Yes, I too, would like to buy it as a shirt. If not the basis for a cult I would like to join!

  67. Valerie says:

    I want to chime in about the “Welfare” tag too, speaking as someone whose family was actually on welfare for a couple of years. Not much envy involved, trust me.

    “Wishing You Were on Welfare,” on the other hand, would make sense.

  68. s says:

    Odd. I don’t see hummers on here at all.

  69. Anonymous says:

    I see this one gets the oooo-aahh — but frankly they are very well done–are you a symbolic logic junky? Be very careful — you are bordering on metaphysics — and then you might have to take things seriously — yikes! The Q-card thing — as presentation — should inspire gobs of people to beleive in their ability to be novel!!! Not that my opinion matters — but I give it two shaggys to the Hagy and one shizzel to the top ‘o the Hizzel!!!!! Oh no I’m getting way too excited and I think I may have just —– bookmarked!!

  70. Sassan Sanei says:

    Amazing. Thanks for the laugh!

  71. Smartypants says:

    The only change I would suggest is to bulimia.

    Gluttony+Wrath= Vegan. Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve never met a vegan who wasn’t kinda cranky.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Wrath and Sloth … that’s “Atom bomb”, isn’t it?


  73. Young Freud says:

    Shouldn’t Lust + Sloth = Masturbation?

    I mean, finding a sex partner, you know, takes effort, which is totally the opposite of Sloth.

  74. Alex the DharmaTurtle says:

    Congrats on making the Digg front page. At least 2151 people have seen your comic. Too bad the post didn’t link to your blog.


  75. Patrick Micka says:

    This is a fantastic blog! I found this image tagged on del.icio.us a few days ago but couldn’t figure out where it was from. Thanks to a little help from boingboing.net I’ve found you. Great work.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Bulimia is not a disease. It is a mental condition.

  77. heather says:

    pure brilliance!

  78. pinkinside says:

    i hope this chart will lead to a sequal of “se7en”, my favorite one :)

  79. thekingmedia says:

    SMfC said…
    holy shit! honestly, that is amazing. where does this come from and when are you gonna make it big?

    11:48 PM
    hey… she just made it big… getting godined at http://www.sethgodin.typepad.com.

  80. Douglas says:

    A brilliant depiction of K7, the complete graph on seven vertices. The only thing I would have done differently was giving the vertices the first letters of the corresponding deadly sins, thus spelling out PEWSLAG.

  81. thoughts of a blank mind says:

    The most wonderful post ever seen in blog world!!!
    Gr8 going!!!

  82. Anonymous says:

    Very clever and SO TRUE.

  83. Anonymous says:

    maybe the direction matters. e.g. a –> b may not equal b –> a.

  84. Abie says:

    Just discovered this blog (via Pharyngula).
    I love it!
    The basic idea is brilliant, the way you keep on having gret ideas is amazing…
    Please keep it up

  85. Jim says:

    Very nice . . . change BD (Gluttony/Sloth)to “Room Service?

  86. HellZiggy says:

    Heard about you on Penn’s show today.
    Great stuff!


  87. Will says:

    congrats for making it onto the radio! great stuff.

  88. Razel says:

    Just heard this on Penn Radio.
    Great stuff.
    Keep up the hilarity.

  89. Marie says:


  90. Anonymous says:

    You – Miss, Mrs, Ms, and/or Ma’am atre simply brilliant!

  91. Dan says:

    Congrats. I heard about this on the Penn Jillette Radio Show. Good stuff!

  92. PsychoToddler says:

    Fair assessment.

  93. Skamandrios says:

    Have you read of Ramon Llull? The diagram is an example of his Ars Magna.


  94. Berto says:

    Simply awesome!

    Thanks for making the internet a more interesting medium…

  95. WistfulSparrow says:

    It must have taken so long to think of everything.

  96. CreditGal says:

    Gosh! Is life THAT depressing? i wonder how upset one should be to start using geometry figures in a post!

  97. Anonymous says:

    just heard about this on Penn Jillett radio podcast. Love It!

  98. Anonymous says:

    Just heard about this on Penn Jillette radio podcast. Love It!

    Thanks for this.

  99. lamintak says:

    Hilarious! Excellent work :)

  100. Bishop Alan Wilson says:

    Immaculate Conception

  101. dignature says:

    This is brilliant. Kind of a die for Dungeons & Dragons of the Marqui de Sade.

  102. Douglas Bienert says:

    Love the diagram. I laughed out loud (at the coffee shop) when I read “edible undies” and “fat men in Speedos” along with their corresponding letters. If only the class I took in Moral Theology used such real life examples it might have been more interesting!

  103. Anonymous says:

    This was hilarious! I laughed out loud at “edible undies” and “fat men in speedos”. Brilliant!

  104. Gene says:

    I kinda ran with ur comic. Didn’t know it was yours at the time. I’ll update to give credit. Just thought I’d give you a chance to look.

    Here it is

  105. Anonymous says:

    Does it bother anyone else that the last label is GF, not FG?

  106. fat girl says:

    EF = cattiness = my favorite!

  107. Rosie says:

    This is a great site. Thank you for your information. I THANK YOU I SALUTE YOU IT,S A AMZING SITE.

  108. Tony says:

    Good Job! :)

  109. Raison d'être says:

    Hola me!!

    Certain things that prove Math is very interesting indeed.. i am mailing this link to my school’s principal.. lol..

  110. Manga says:

    […]Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome![…]

  111. J says:

    Great job! It’s good to know someone can mix math with humor.

  112. banana-X says:


  113. StarseekR says:

    This is brilliant! :) Could I pretty please be allowed to show this picture in my blog? With the proper references and links back here of course.

  114. says:

    Ty just showed me this one. I laughed so much that I had to print it and put it up in my cube for everyone else to enjoy! I keep telling him I want to meet you…since he has yet to arrange it I thought I would go right to the source.

    Kate (you may know me as K²)

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  117. Roland says:



  118. Greg Sadler says:

    This is great, and I’m going to use this in an invited lecture I’ll be giving next month on the seven — or eight — deadly sins (a story there, but I’ll skip it here). I’d like to point out two things.

    First, strictly speaking, the excellent diagram and combinations you’ve worked out are not really an algebra but a combinatoric — doubtless you knew that, but also knew that most people would relate to a better known term, no?

    Second, these kinds of combinatorics have a long pedigree in moral philosophy and theology — the issue is whether vices (which is what the seven deadly sins are — deadly because productive of others) can combine or interfere with, even prevent each other. Again, a great diagram which I’ll use in classes where we discuss the vices (and the virtues)

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  125. annie myers says:

    I just saw your cool diagram today on Anu Garg’s a word a day. It looks a lot like the sufi enneagram (9 points) of personality. I love the combinations. Best, Annie

  126. Audrey Shabbas says:

    DF is not “Welfare” it is “Trust-Fund Babies”!

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  128. christopher says:

    Saturday is not a sin because Saturday is not gluttony or sloth its the people who vomit both of those sins!!!

  129. christopher says:

    All of us arn’t going to hell!

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