Complain productively.

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12 Responses to Complain productively.

  1. vintage says:

    Lovely!!! I especially liked the one with the untrained dog. Respect!

  2. Vi says:

    Awesome =D

  3. sCooB says:


    Dead on!

  4. Anonymous says:

    These are really cool!

  5. JerseyOne says:

    Great stuff. I could read these for days. I want to make a T-shirt out of one specific card. The Sierra Leone diagram. Actual arm and leg as opposed to metaphorical arm and leg. Had me holding my stomach in pain from laughing to hard. Check out my site if you want. -My friend just started the blog for it as well. -Keep up the funny business. Maybe we can exchnage website links if you’re interested?

  6. neffy says:

    This is a conversation held by Mackenzie King (Prime Minister of Canada 1935-48), with a young brilliant diplomat named Lester Pearson:Why aren’t you in Politics, asked Prime Minister King. Not my game, said Pearson. Politicians have to harvest votes from the uninformed. Diplomats get to bargain with well-briefed veterans of modern history.
    But the truth is, that Pearson fouled around everyone and became Prime Minister from 1963-68.
    Sounds familiar?

  7. Nea says:

    haha. this assumes that I am less incompetent, corrupt or stupid than who I am voting for….

  8. Old Bag says:


    Sure, t-shirt away. If you make an extra, could you send me one? Just email me for contact info.

    And I’m HTML ignorant (and rather unproud of that) so this blog doesn’t have links.

    -Old Bag

  9. HP says:

    this one is reli cool !!

  10. arizona insurance company, phoenix insurance company says:

    This should be taught in junior high, huh.

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  12. Decaf says:

    vote for incompetance, corruption, or ignorance, so you don’t have to wind up with all 3