The Hustle Economy is out NOW!


Happy Dance of Publication!

I get to illustrate a lot of really interesting projects (tweet me if you need my pen on your papers @jessicahagy), but this was an extra treat to diagram.

This book has loads of practical, honest, usable advice for all creative workers (which is, you know, practically everyone anymore) by people who I admire who do work I respect.

Seriously. These brilliant folks all wrote essays for the book:

Nick Douglas — comedy writer
Jason Oberholtzer — editor, producer, consultant and blogger at I Love Charts
Ben Grelle (The Frogman) — internet comedian, writer, photographer and graphic artist
Adrian Sanders — cofounder of Beacon
Farah Khalid — film editor
Mike Rugnetta — producer, performer
Emma Koenig — television writer and humorist
Asha Dornfest — founder of Parent Hacks
Kelsey Hanson — founder of Vocal Design
Mónica Guzman — columnist and Nieman Fellow
Thomas Leveritt — director, author and painter
Casey Bowers — writer
Josephine Decker — director, film editor and performance artist
Donna Salgado — dance artist
Alex Pearlman — recovering entrepreneur and digital news girl
Dante Shepherd — professor and web comic
Brad O’Farrell — game maker
Jess Kimball Leslie — trendspotter
Meredith Haggerty — writer, editor, the hero we deserve
Alex Larsen (aka Kid Twist) — battle rapper and game designer
Nancy Zastudil —gallerist, curator and arts writer
Lee LeFever — cofounder and creative director of Common Craft
Jess Wysaski — blogger and humorist
Zach Weinersmith — web comic

You can get a copy anywhere books are sold in the real world, and online through our publisher (the page has links to all your favorite booksellers).

Now back to my not-at-all graceful happy dancing.

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