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4 Responses to Soon!

  1. fireflight says:

    Disagree. The epitome of classless society, the Soviet Union, didn’t work out so great, regardless of technological advances. Classless society is not the panacea to the world’s woes.

  2. yeahsure says:

    Ummm… the “epitome of classless society, the Soviet Union”… sure, champ! Keep up with that brilliant logic!!

  3. tms says:

    @ fireflight The USSR was hardly the bastion of classlessness Marx had in mind. That said, all societies (including human) have classes. That is how societies work: you divvy up roles and responsibilities amongst your numbers and things get done.
    IMO the real question implied here is: are in a self-selected class or are you locked in by some external factor like birth parents, race, or gender?
    If you read “Class divisions” as “Class barriers”, then this graphic works pretty well. Scientific advancement can make life better if it facilitates freedom of choice of class and it becomes a lot worse if used to enforce arbitrary roles.

  4. Vladimir L says:

    I love how stupid Americans confuse Marxism with Bolshevism in order to argue against communism, when what they really mean to do is argue against my vanguard of the proletariat, state-organized economy, untethered to market competition, forced labor camps for dissenters (pretty much everyone else), and no democracy. The reality is that utopian societies will never exist (communist or pure democracy – the US is a republic). Marx was wrong on that count. Meanwhile, Bolsheviks were ostensibly attempting by force to purify society until communism could take hold, but created a class society in which state leaders were the dominant power over everything and everyone, It wasn’t socialism, communism, or classlessness which led to the demise of the Soviet Union, and it wasn’t Ronald Reagan’s hyper-class warfare trickle-down military-industrial ideology either. No, what caused the demise of the Soviet Union were the internal contradictions in an inflexible economic ideology and state power structure that couldn’t ultimately be reconciled to the realities of a world that was far more innovative and competitive. That doesn’t mean, however, that the United States won the Cold War. It means that the US ignores at its own peril the internal contradictions in its ideology (think, for example, ever-uncreasing inequality of wealth and opportunity, decreased participation and stake in the existing system, the train wreck of climate change that the political system can’t seem to alter the course of, etc.). The future of capitalism and democracy is not necessarily a straight line of linear progress. It’s entirely possible that the purchase of the US political system by economic powers (unprecedented in history) is a conquest of an elite over a proletariat – and that Marx’s revolution may yet be on the horizon. Have a nice day, comrades. Come to visit me sometime. It’s a nice place to warm yourself by the fire.