The opposite of the manic pixie dream girl:


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7 Responses to The opposite of the manic pixie dream girl:

  1. kiwano says:

    Having just re-read The Hobbit, I think that a manic pixie dream girl would stand in quite well for Gandalf (c’mon, you never do *anything* fun–look I have this adventure we can go on…)

  2. Liana says:

    Forget it, it’s not like you’re going to have a conversation with me about it. This is dumb.

  3. Liana says:

    I do think you’re ‘Poor kids’ was really upsetting in a lot of ways. It bothered me that an educated successful probably Caucasian woman could/would judge ‘poor kids names’. Names that have fallen into certain ethnic categories. I liked you so much and that card really changed things. If you were an under priviledged kid and you read someone mocking your name…something you had no control over, from someone who had a lot of advantages……well, call you Mrs. Snow. You know.
    …Nevermind. You don’t know.

    • rich says:

      i’m going to have a conversation about it with u… but I am not Jessica… do you have a date 4 the card ? … just going off what you said and out of context the more I see prejudice and racial discrimination the more I am sure that the beholder unwittingly plays a larger part than they are will to admit… not 2 throw this back on u but I really need 2 read the card u r on about…. … …yeah, and long live the “manic pixie dream girls;” “go pixies?”… … putting that on the end of someone trying to give feedback on an important & sensitive issue makes me bit of a dick… (it should be clear from prev. posts I am)

      • Liana says:

        I think you are trying to make some statement to me, but I don’t get your humor so whatever made you a ‘dick’ in this post is wasted. You call yourself that so….ok, whatever. We are all entitled to create ourselves in some ways. If that’s what you want to be more power to you. Don’t recall the date. It was about a year ago. It changed this site for me and I was really bummed and looked at every post differently. I heard her voice in a way I hadn’t before. That’s the upset.

  4. Ben says:

    And Santa

  5. Liana says:

    The hilarity is I take time to post my adverse opinion because I care. Most people just ignore and ‘keep the calm’ when they see something they don’t like. I speak up because I give a shit. I don’t mind debate because I accept confrontation as a part of life…just like feeling upset, or blue or irritable, unlike some folks who think being ‘mad, sad, or upset’ equals ‘being mean’…..really silly when you think about it. However, I don’t say things like, “I’m a dick” because that’s not where I’m coming from. I’m never talking, debating, or challenging because, “I’m a bitch or a dick”. I do it more because something irritated me on a social level. Just guessing there’s more to you than you simplifying yourself as a ‘dick’ (your choice of words not mine, mind you). But if you keep talking about yourself like that….well not my fault.