That “social creature” thing.


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14 Responses to That “social creature” thing.

  1. beff says:

    What about “introverts” instead at the intersection of joy and isolation?

    • Hauke says:

      I agree.

      • Pjotr says:

        I was thinking that too, but even introverts (like me) can’t find joy in isolation all the time.
        Sometimes I need someone around, mostly one of the very few people I’m very comfortable with.

        • Toisam says:

          “…. all the time.” Nothing is pure joy or sorrow all the time. I’ve been been to weddings that were definately not joyful and I’ve been to funerals that were joyful celebrations of the life of a well-loved person. Personally, I can definately find more joy in isolation than in a crowded room of strangers.

          • Pjotr says:

            You’re quite right. Still, ‘introverts’ isn’t a good fit since we’re hardly, you know, ‘social creatures’.

  2. laeh says:

    Joy & Isolation –> Solitude

  3. Bob Young says:

    I would say that “Mom’s day off” would be at the No point. My wife loves to curl up in a warm tub with a good book when I take the kids out for the day.

  4. Sam says:

    Bottom right should be “Walden”

  5. rgdaniel says:

    For me, Isolation + Joy = Solo wilderness canoe trips

  6. jennifer says:

    Joy and isolation: wilderness.
    John Muir.

  7. dan says:

    I’d switch “No” for “A day at the library”, but either that that DEAD ON

  8. Spring says:

    Bottom right quadrant: reading a book.

  9. Eric says:

    As any one with kids knows “No” should be changed to “Bathroom”.