No school? Time for science!

not sure where global warming fits here

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2 Responses to No school? Time for science!

  1. Line Noise says:

    “Global warming” is a misnomer propagated by the media and appropriated by denyists to prove their point when the weather is colder than usual. Scientists use the term “climate change” which is more accurate because it’s the climate as a whole that’s changing, not localised weather.

  2. Kevin L. Nault says:

    The cold winter is probably a direct result of more energy being available in the atmosphere. There’s an arctic air mass of truly frigid air that hangs over the north pole. It typically expands in the winter to cover far northern Russia, northern Alaska, and probably northern Scandanavia as well (but I grew up in Alaska, and Scandanavia wasn’t a topic of much conversation).

    Because more energy is available, that air mass may be slightly warmer, but it can expand much further. As a result of “global warming”, the winter is actually significantly colder under that air mass, which covers more ground.

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