The hilarity of being earnest.


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3 Responses to The hilarity of being earnest.

  1. Dave Aronson says:

    That’s only when you’re not *trying* to be funny, though. If you are, the curve is upside-down.

  2. Mark says:

    Jessica–I heard the podcast The one you feed. I was truly inspired by you comments, and I hope by reaching out like this, I am feeding the good wolf.
    Carry on,

    • FF says:

      Agree completely, Mark. Hearing Jessica’s daily struggles with feeding the good wolf were enlightening and inspiring. Too often, we assume that true talents like her talent sprung whole rather than emerged overtime and that such talents are a different class than the rest of us mere mortals. Truth be told, we all have unique talents and skills that must be fed daily to grow and develop.