The economy isn’t a perpetual motion machine.

It's not gonna build itself.

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2 Responses to The economy isn’t a perpetual motion machine.

  1. Alex Beynenson says:

    As people working increases, so do the number of people living, and thus the amount of work to be done also increases.

  2. You_No says:

    So the question is not, will people work to cover their needs, and make a profit where they find fit?
    The question is, does an artificially induced market entropy qualify as legitimate?

    Debt based currency, requiring repayment of that debt using the same currency only achieved by more debt, ever requiring more and more fractional debts, creates two things.

    It forces a need to create new items to sell, so as to gather a share from another’s borrowed monies to avoid borrowing to repay your own interest.

    It also creates a constant inflation, due to the constant borrowing by someone, which makes the value of last months sales worth less in todays market, which devalues savings and forces people back into the market earlier than simple entropy.

    Of course, the other option to this debt repayment, under the current law, is the forfeiture of goods and real-estate to the lending institution.

    Sounds legit?