Real live (hopefully) drama.

rubbernecking is kinda morbid

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2 Responses to Real live (hopefully) drama.

  1. Stripe says:

    I once spent a solid hour in stop-and-go traffic on I-5. Eventually I made it up to the site of the mishap. There, on the OTHER SIDE of the freeway, workers were just finishing with shoveling up a load of spilled gravel. I drove on, traffic now clipping nicely as there was nothing ahead for drivers to look at but open road. On the other side, the backup stretched for miles, a solid crawl. I was so outraged! “All of this, and no one is even DEAD?!!” Not that I wanted anyone dead, but I’ll tolerate a lot more inconvenience for spilled blood than for spilled gravel.

  2. fireflight says:

    As both a firefighter and a funeral director, I find this post most insightful.