First-world lunch issues.

stiff or wilted

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3 Responses to First-world lunch issues.

  1. Stripe says:

    Flat line for me: I enjoy a salad just as much whether I’m naked or wearing a tux.

  2. Dan Daughtry says:

    I typically find that in order to maximize enjoyment at the beginning of the salad, I have to put so much dressing on it that it renders the last 1/3rd of the salad more like soup than salad.

  3. Jennifer Mayer says:

    Remember the old public service announcements on Saturday mornings with the “Time for Timer” cartoon guy? Sing with me now…..

    “Don’t…drown…your food! With ketchup or mayo or goop! It’s no fun to EAT what you CAN’T even SEE….so don’t….drown….your fooooooood!”