Really, don’t mention it.

Thanks for your concern. Now pass the salt.

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One Response to Really, don’t mention it.

  1. Stripe says:

    Just as fine wine comes from grape vines that are stressed, good kids need to be placed under some environmental stresses to develop strength and resistance. Mothers of my parent’s generation started this process early, by drinking and smoking all through pregnancy, to say nothing of their heedless disregard for the hidden dangers of certain foods. I would venture to say that we, my generation of humans, born in the ’60’s, weathered these stresses well and turned out alright, whereas, it seems to me that the overly-coddled and uber-protected generation of today are turning out a bit mal-adjusted and weak. So, get back to basics, FutureMoms, and have a nice tuna roll and a big glass of sake, then light up a fat cigar. You’ll be doing yourselves and your unborn children a huge favor. Childhood is not for the weak.