Weak links in the food chain.

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4 Responses to Weak links in the food chain.

  1. tahrey says:

    Aw, now that’s not entirely fair, especially how the French and Romanians were also complicit :) … It may be more accurate to say “cheap burgers everywhere”…

    Though to be honest none of us are anywhere near as surprised or upset as the papers make out. We’ve long joked about the probable “mytery meat” content of cheap processed foods and other such convenience/low cost meat products, the fact that it turns out to be true is more of a vindication than anything. We didn’t much care when it was strongly rumoured that the “lamb” in a doner kebab or the “beef” in a late-night/supermarket value burger (the latter also known as a “biscuit” after it was cooked, due to the severe amount of shrinkage and how dry it had to become in order to have enough structural integrity to make it from grill to bun) was actually a cunning mix of pigeon, donkey, rat and stray dog … the fact that it’s now proven to be, in some cases, entirely identifiable ungulate protein from a single source – and one that’s commonly sold in restaurants in the source country, no less – is somewhere between a vindication and an upgrade. OK, maybe it’s full of painkillers, but that’s better than it being full of rat poison…


    I’ve long since given up on cheap hamburgers and meatballs anyway. If I want something like that on the cheap I can easily make them from decent packs of minced beef with traceable sources. Or just buy good quality ones in the first place. It’s still cheaper than going to the drive-thru.

  2. Jens says:

    Not just British Burgers, horse meat was recently found all over Europe

  3. Stripe says:

    This is not a new phenomenon. I recall a big flap about Australian horsemeat being served at McDonalds “restaurants” in the U.S. back in the early 1980’s or there abouts. How quickly we forget. Anyway, what’s the fuss? The key to meat is really the sauce.

    I’m still waiting for the news to break on Penguin McNuggets and Fillet-o-Gator. Just a matter of time, believe me.