For all you extreme literals.

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9 Responses to For all you extreme literals.

  1. Duane says:

    Even literal-er: if the “Area” point represents a singular value of area of a rectangle, then there would be a line of constant area that would look like height = 1/width

  2. Erik Ohlin says:

    Ooh! Do: Area[y] * Depth[x] = Volume (negative slope going from Metal Concert to Poetry Reading)

  3. NassT says:

    Grrr! Not mathematically correct

  4. Jack Assels says:

    On behalf of extreme literals everywhere, I suggest that Area should be a line rising from the origin to the right at 45 degrees. I also tender our regrets and urge you to ignore us and keep up the good not-so-literal work.

    • Jack Assels says:

      Er. Wait. That’s not right at all. Area should be the, um, area enclosed by the axes and the lines perpendicular to the actual values of height and width. Sorry, extreme literalism is a dangerous game suited only to real mathematicians.

      • Sam says:

        Seconded on the the-area-should-actually-be-the-area. The point you’ve indicated is simply (Width, Height) which is not equal to Area = Width x Height

    • Bill says:

      Surely the line would only rise at 45 degrees if one of the variables stayed constant. If both width and length increase, area will increase exponentially and produce a curve eg for y=x2.

  5. Keith says:

    Simply put, the area should be every conceivable point where width and height are both greater than zero.