More pain more gain?

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2 Responses to More pain more gain?

  1. Nicolle says:

    I have to voice my disagreement to this one… prevention and profit aren’t mutually exclusive (think vaccines – though it’s true vaccines aren’t *very* profitable). Care and profit aren’t mutually exclusive either. On a European pricing and reimbursement model, drug development would cease to exist…

  2. Debby Vanheild says:

    I have to disagree with Nicolle. The vast majority of drug development is heavily dependent if not completely pursued by academic and publicly funded institutions. Pharmaceutical companies actually spend more money on marketing than they spend on research. Of the money spent on research, a significant portion is actually just acquisition of existing drugs. If as a society we chose to prioritize health, there are plenty of the most talented and intelligent individuals who would take up the cause and work in the best interests of society without a need to get rich. Instead we reward those seeking profit, and unsurprisingly there are thousands of deaths that never had to happen.