Major undertakings.

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8 Responses to Major undertakings.

  1. Why do we call students of the humanities well-rounded when they can’t comprehend a differential equation or feel terrified from an encounter with a physical or chemical experiment?

    Why do we call students of engineering nerds even though they do tend to read Aristotle and Nietzsche, appreciate museums, and attend symphonies?

    What other culture trains people to nod in understanding when someone says “I am afraid of mathematics” and, yet, is considered a cultured, well-rounded person?

  2. Stripe says:

    Lesson One: No Guarantees.
    Engineers, please calculate your additional class fees using the table at the back of the book. Be sure to include a check with your answer, and remember to show your work.
    Humanities students, please write a short essay on the topic of “Hidden Costs”.

  3. two cents says:

    Me thinks the point is that one needs — the world needs — both engineering and the humanities in order to truly move forward. Calculations and descriptive writing. Left brain and right brain — we need all brain to build a better world.

  4. Toma says:

    this makes a high school student feel better about her college plans. =3

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  6. Derek D. says:

    I often wonder what you are thinking about when you post.

  7. Alan says:

    How about at the intersection of ‘engineering’ and ‘warfare’ there is ‘major undertakings’.