People want to stay occupied.

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5 Responses to People want to stay occupied.

  1. Robert de Forest says:

    That’s not how I use those words.

    In my dream life the things I occupy myself with are not “work”. For a lot of people “work” has come to mean “the thing we do to survive and maybe pay for our dreams.” If you love your employment enough, it ceases to be work.

    And when I have lots of stress and no work, the stress comes from being broke, not from boredom.

    (I love indexed and am only commenting to chime in, not to complain.)

  2. Tom says:


    I like your work, and this feels like a misfire: what about replacing “Cash Flow” for “Work.”
    My high dream is to have a low stress and high cash flow position. This combination allows me freedom and lots of opportunities to make mistakes without hurting my core position. In addition, when facing the reality of low cash flow, I feel stress and fear.


  3. Tom says:


    I like you card title and it’s why I clicked through to see your creation. A different representation might be the title with no graphic. The concept is “little me” creates occupation through language while the “big me” is existing outside language.
    Or, just play “The Galaxy Song” featuring Eric Idle:

  4. Arthur says:

    Totally relate! If I were suddenly independently wealthy I’d have plenty to do that qualifies as work, just not working for money. My veggie garden would become many times larger, the upgrades of my home would be upgraded some more… lots of stuff to do, none of it very stressful at all.

  5. Daniel says:

    I think some of the comments are missing the point. When i see this I immediately think about how my “reality” is me using a lot of time to “stress” rather than “work” while if I really put aside my stress and worked i’d actually be moving closer towards my dreams.

    Maybe i’m just reading my own situation into this, but it definitely hit home! :)