Did Grandpa teach you that word?

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4 Responses to Did Grandpa teach you that word?

  1. two cents says:

    Suggest a second loop up at time of adolescence.

  2. Stripe says:

    I don’t need to mutter anymore, now that there is Facebook.

    Still awaiting the anti-social network, Muttr: All you can bitch about in 140 charachters or less.

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  4. Another exception to the rule: military service.

    That said, it’s possible that adolescents, and soldiers (professional adolescents… I was one) use those words specifically because they KNOW it’s wrong. But after a while, to paraphrase Lewis Black, the F-Bomb isn’t even a word anymore, it’s a comma. I don’t know how to chart the difference between tolerance levels and ignorance levels, or how they intertwine…

    But I bet Jessica does.