Just crazy enough to work.

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6 Responses to Just crazy enough to work.

  1. NSK says:

    I tell you .. if only the world – peoples, countries, cultures, religions, politicians, et al – realized the truth in this graph, we would be in Utopia!!

  2. JLW says:

    I LOVE this graph!

  3. april says:

    That graph is made of pure crystalline awesome.

  4. Mason Kelsey says:

    Frankly any graph that doesn’t have units is useless. Too much like a Laffer Curve turned up-side down.

  5. JB says:

    Mason Kelsey,
    The units are not important. You don’t seem to understand relationship or symbolism.

  6. kkloster says:

    Excuse me, you said crossing the streams was bad.

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